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Important Questions about Online Slots in Canada Needing to be Answered

Although online slots are very popular, they are not on the list of games that can make you rich instantly. History has seen many cases where online slots like Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah have paid out multi-million-dollar jackpots. But no one ever talks about their failures and thousands of losses. Once you understand how online slots in Canada work, you are unlikely to see them as a way to make passive income. There is a lot of information about slots, but some players still have questions regarding this type of gambling entertainment. We are here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online slots for real money so that you can approach the gaming process prepared.

Understanding How Slots Determine Outcomes

Most Canadian online slots players don’t give much thought to how online slots work. They prefer to spin the reels and have fun, and that’s the right approach. But, if you want to take this gambling game more seriously, you have to find out how online slots in Canada for real money  determine the game results. Let’s take a look at how these gambling machines evolved, for starters:

  • At the end of the 19th century, American inventor Charles Fey introduced the Liberty Bell, the first slot machine that served as the prototype for subsequent casino games. It was a huge box with physical reels that spun with the push of a lever. Today, the Fey machine is a museum piece, as no one would want to deal with such a cumbersome mechanism.
  • Half a century later, more advanced slot machines with electric drives appeared. But the slot revolution took place in the 1970s, when the first slot machines with virtual reels were introduced. The reels of the first computerized slots were displayed on a Sony television screen.
  • In the mid-1990s, when the first gambling websites were introduced, online slots began to be developed that operated like gambling applications. Many years have passed since then, and you can now play the best online slots in Canada from the comfort of your own home or even on the go.

The first slot machines were somewhat similar to roulette, as they used physical reels with symbols on them. That is, the randomness of the game results was provided naturally – the reels could stop spinning at any moment. But what about online casino slots? To ensure the randomness of game outcomes, the Random Number Generator (RNG), a special computer algorithm that selects numbers randomly, was introduced. In doing so, each number corresponds to a specific symbol.

For example, consider a simple 3-reel slot with a single symbol row. Suppose the cherry symbol is 1, the lemon symbol is 2 and the grape symbol is 3. If the RNG results in 123, the slot machine will display lemon, cherry, and grape symbols respectively. In modern slots, the RNG determines not only the symbol but also its position on the playing field. Although it is a little more complicated algorithm, the principle remains the same. The RNG of the best online slots is checked by independent auditing companies to ensure that all game results are fair.

Answers to Common Questions About Slots

Understanding how online casino slots determine game results does not make you an always-win player. But with this knowledge, you will be able to choose the right online casino you can trust. For instance, King Billy provides access to its software platform and RNG to independent auditors for regular inspections. In addition, King Billy operates under an official MGA license and works with leading suppliers of software and gaming products. Gambling at reliable online casinos like King Billy is safe for your personal and financial data. But before you try your hand at casino slots online, we will give answers to a few worrying questions regarding them.

Is There a Strategy for Playing Slots That Works?

When you play slots online for real money, you should understand that any game outcome is entirely at the mercy of chance. Before spinning the reels, all you can do is decide on your stake and indicate how many paylines will be involved (if available). Then everything happens automatically, and you have no say in the outcome of the game. For instance, poker with its bluffs and multiple moves gives you a lot of room to maneuver. Online slots work very differently, so forget about any strategy that supposedly increases your winning chances.

What Are the Drawbacks of Low Stakes Slots?

Also known as penny slots, these are games that form part of an online casino marketing strategy to make even more money. It’s not a scam that they allow you to bet as little as CAD 0.01 per spin. But with such a low bet, you will only be able to use one payline, thus greatly reducing your winning chances. If we were asked to give one most important tip for playing casino slots online, it would be: always use the maximum number of paylines. Please note that the total bet size will be considerably higher, as it is equal to the product of the line bet and the number of paylines involved.

Can Casinos Change their RTP?

Most Canadian slots online come with a fixed RTP, which is hard set by the developers. But there are games with variable RTP. The return-to-player ratio may vary slightly depending on where you are in the game. For example, playing some online slots to win real money, you will find that during free spins, low-paying symbols do not appear on the reels. This has a positive effect on RTP, as the chances of forming combinations increase. As for the casino operator, it cannot make changes to the programming code of gaming applications and a random number generator, as it is considered to be fraudulent by the regulators.


So, we hope that after reading this, all your doubts and fears about online slots have been dispelled. But these myths can become true if you don’t treat your choice of iGaming platform with the proper care. Trust only licensed gambling websites with RNGs that undergo regular checks.

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