Ice Cream Sandwich face reveal

Ice Cream Sandwich Face Reveal, His Real Name, Age, Net Worth and Know More


Face reveals of Ice Cream Sandwich: Ice Cream Sandwich is a well-known YouTuber and comic book artist. Ice Cream Sandwich recently told everyone who he really is. In this article, we’ll talk in depth about Ice Cream Sandwich’s face reveal, his real name, his age, and his net worth. Read the whole article below to find out more about the Ice Cream Sandwich Face reveal.

Ice Cream Sandwich Face Reveal

Andy is known as “Ice Cream Sandwich” on YouTube. Many people didn’t know who the real animator of Ice Cream Sandwich was at first. When he posted an unofficial video of his real face on July 7, 2020, fans were thrilled to see it.

Andy is an American YouTuber and animator who is best known for his popular channel on YouTube.

He was born on February 8, 1996, in the United States. He is an Aquarius. Andy has gotten a lot of attention for his webcomics and animated storytime videos.

face reveal
face reveal

Ice Cream Sandwich Real Name

Ice Cream Sandwiches Andy is his real name. Andy lives in the United States with his dog, Rhea. He has a regular job because he doesn’t make most of his money from YouTube. Andy went to college in the middle of the 2010s, and during that time he also went to France to study. Andy’s big sisters are Becca and Krista.

Ice Cream Sandwich Age

On February 8, 1996, Andy was born. In the year 2021, he will be 25 years old. In November 2019, Andy even came out with his own stuff. There is still more to learn about his family.

Fans say that he does have two older sisters, though. Their names are Becca and Krista. According to the websites, Ice Cream Sandwich may not be married, and nothing has been said about his family or past relationships.

Ice Cream Sandwich Net Worth

Andy started by putting movies on Tumblr, which was a popular social media site at the time. After getting a lot of fans, he started his YouTube channel on February 9, 2016. On May 16, 2016, he put out his first video, “Need AMMO Factorio,” which has 317,929 views. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the well-known YouTuber makes a lot of money. The website says that Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the most wealthy YouTube stars.

It is thought that he is worth about $1.5 million. Andy’s Ice Cream Sandwich has more than 1.91 million subscribers on YouTube. “Hurt” is his most-watched video, with more than 12 million views. “I usually try to save spiders,” with 9.5 million views, and “My brain is square, and I’m sometimes confused,” with 8.1 million views, are his next two most-watched videos.

It’s great to see how the viewers respond to the story in the comments section because they can relate to it.

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