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How to Start a Career in Film and TV

A career in the TV or film industry can be fun. You’ll meet lots of interesting and hardworking people who are passionate about their work. Whether you want to act on set or stay behind the scenes, there’s never a dull day for anyone with a love for the arts.

The annual film industry growth rate has been 2.4% since 2015, so you won’t lack an opportunity if you possess the right skillset. According to one report by global streaming companies, the UK aims to create 30,000 film and TV jobs to meet the growing demand for streaming services. If all this sounds good to you, use these four tips to kickstart a career in the TV or film industry.

Learn the Right Skills

You don’t need a degree to break into the film industry, but you’ll need some extensive knowledge in your field—acting, script writing, directing, producing, and so on. Taking creative courses in the film industry is also good. Identify topics and genres you’re more passionate about and question why they interest you more than the others.

Remember, the film industry is a creative industry where employers constantly look for people who can bring new perspectives and unique views. Visit filmmaking websites and watch YouTube tutorials to build up your knowledge.

Have an Online Portfolio

Starting a career in a creative industry is different from launching one in other fields where hiring managers look at your resume to understand your past work history. Here, presentations matter a lot. You may need filmmaking equipment to create a portfolio. These cost anywhere between $2,000 and $2,500. You can buy the equipment with your savings or apply for quick online car title loans if you have equity on your car.

Create a video resume on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo to display your abilities and skills. The videos don’t have to be professional. Employers are interested in your confidence with cameras and other filmmaking equipment. Upload videos showcasing your camera techniques and other skills such as editing or set designing.

Stay Updated on Industry News

The film industry keeps changing very fast and staying updated on the latest trends and news will give you a competitive edge. Read blogs about new ways of doing things and the content most production houses are looking for. Watch the latest film and TV releases. Pay attention to the shooting locations and where new film and TV studios are opening.

Study the techniques used in telling stories and the kind of stories being told. Think of how you can add value. Attend film and TV events and meet like-minded people. Listen to their views on the industry and give your opinion when necessary.


Statistics show that 80% of job seekers use their networks to find work. Networking is an integral part of any job search, especially in an interactive industry like film and TV that focuses on teamwork.

Here are some ways you can broaden your network and boost your chances of building a career in film and TV.

  • Engage with industry professionals online
  • Attend film festivals and events
  • Join professional film and TV organizations
  • Join and contribute to online film and TV forums

Networking can help you learn about a job opportunity before a formal advertisement goes up. This can increase your chances of getting the job.


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