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How to Improve My English Writing Skills?

English writing is required for our regular communication and corporate purposes. But mostly we have failings in English vocabulary and grammar skills. We will today discuss English writing improvement methods and do better day by day.

Our English writing skill is something that has always been a cause of concern to most of us. We need to be able to write clearly and concisely in order to communicate effectively with our coworkers and clients.

This is an extremely useful skill, but many of us lack it. English grammar plays a big role in our writing. For example, many people are confused over the use of articles. Some think that only articles are used to express possession whereas others think that both articles and possessive pronouns are used to show possession.

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Methods to Improve English

There are several methods that can make us write better in english. But we need both dedication and motivation to do better. So, we will now discuss the matter below.

1. Build a daily training routine

At first you make a routine as to how you want to start the writing journey, allot at least one hour per day for the task. If we can do that, we will progress day by day and will start writing better english.

Just think about how you learned how to speak English. You probably didn’t speak English perfectly, but you knew the basic rules. Writing every day will help you to develop that skill.

2. Read different kinds of materials (newspapers, novels, announcements, advertisements)

We need to take help from different reading materials like books, newspapers and many other things. In this way, we will learn which word to use where and how to frame a sentence.

This way you will develop the knowledge required to write excellent articles. You can use your favorite magazines, newspapers and journals to collect information.

If you are interested in writing, you will need to know how to put your ideas into words.

3. Always keep a dictionary nears you

A dictionary will help you to immediately find a word and you can use that in your writing. You can use a digital one or a printed dictionary to find the right word immediately.

If you are a writer, it is good to have a dictionary close at hand to look up words that you don’t know. You can even find the meanings of the words right away.

You will definitely learn new things with this dictionary. It will make your writing interesting and easy to understand. If you read something in a book or article, you can easily look up the definition of the word, and you can instantly know how to use it in your writing.

4. Take notes when reading

As much as we read, we learn new things and enrich ourselves. So, taking notes will help us to find the right words and know the right place to place them. We will be able to make our wording choice too.

Reading is the key to successful writing. We will be able to make our writing more interesting and enjoyable to read by writing with good wording. We should pay attention to the best way to put our words into paragraphs.

If you can’t choose the right words and paragraphs, your writing will be less effective. In order to find the right wording, you should ask yourself what kind of language you should use for the topic. You will be able to make more sense of a sentence if you have a clear idea about the topic. If you do, you will be able to write the right words for the topic.

5. Check your grammar and spelling before and after writing

You have to know proper grammar, here with wrong statements you will express a wrong thing. It is better to check the grammar properly, making a revision will make it better.

A mistake in grammar can cost you. It is a simple truth that if you are going to express yourself clearly in writing, you must be certain about the English language you are using.

Many people make spelling mistakes because they rush and don’t correct them before publishing. You should learn to write as well as speak well. Make sure you review your grammar frequently. When you’re reviewing grammar, don’t assume that you’re okay because you checked your spelling.

6. Punctuation Matters

Most of us can write a bit but have no idea about proper punctuation. If we do that wrong then we can give a wrong statement too. Here punctuation is a crucial matter and we need to learn it properly.

We shouldn’t just write something that sounds good to us. We should be precise and make sure that what we write is correct and grammatically correct as well. It’s important to know about the difference between a period and a comma.

For example, the colon lets you separate two points of information. The semicolon joins sentences but the comma connects independent clauses.

7. Find a native speaker to read what you’ve written

A native friend can make your writing better, just tell him to comment on your writing. He will tell you where to improve, then it will be easy for us to make modifications and avoid errors.

Then, your friend should tell you how to improve your writing. He will tell you what to avoid or what to change.

Final Words

If we follow the proper methods then it will be easy to make improvements. Don’t worry if you are just starting, AmazingTalker provides 1-on-1 native tutors with various levels of courses for all ages.

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