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How to Get A Permit for An Above Ground Pool?

Having a swimming pool on your property is always a great thing. It’s a pleasant place for recreation and fun, especially during summers. Additionally, it makes your home look more appealing and attractive.

When you think about the same, it would be best to consider building an above ground pool. This kind of pool looks much better than the others. Additionally, it can be portable, so if you want to use your property for some other purpose when the pool is not in use, you can remove the pool from the property temporarily and reinstall the same when required.

However, as cool and exciting as it sounds, building an above ground pool requires a lot more on your end. First, you need to get the relevant permits for building an above ground pool and follow the necessary guidelines.

So, how to get a permit for an above ground pool? Well, this article will help you understand everything that you need to know.

What Do You Need To Do To Get A Permit for Above Ground Pool?

When you are planning to build an above ground pool on your property, the first thing you must do is make an application for the permit.

Generally, your contractor takes care of it. However, if you wish and are confident enough to do it right, you can make the application yourself. Remember that all the responsibility falls on the applicant, and if anything goes wrong, your application will end up getting rejected. So, it would be best that you trust the job to your contractor given that they have got years of experience with the same and are more likely to get the permits earlier.

For making the application, you need to gather all the specified documents and submit the same with a permit request and fees.

What Documents Do You Need to Make the Permit Application?

You need to submit the following documents with your permit application-

  1. The plot plan of your property clearly indicating where the pool will be constructed.
  2. The plot plan must also indicate the distance of the pool from the house and other property lines.
  3. Two sets of construction drawings with the specifications of pool assembly clearly mentioned.

Please note that these are just some general documents, and the requirements can be different for different jurisdictions. For example, some authorities might also ask you for details about electrical installations, sewer pipes, pool pumps, septic systems, and other structures such as fences, etc., around the pools.

In fact, there are specific guidelines for the height of fences around the pool, so you will have to provide information about the same sooner or later. However, when it comes to an above ground pool, you can do away with the requirements of fences, given that the retaining walls are high enough to act as a barrier.

Once you provide all the mandatory documents and details to the authorities, it generally takes about 7days for the assessment of the application. Then, once the authorities are satisfied, they issue the permits within a day or two.

After you receive the permit for building the swimming pool, you can start with the construction of the pool, and once it’s complete, you can schedule an inspection by the authorities for the final head start for the pool.

What Other Permits Do You Need for Constructing an Above Ground Pool?

In addition to getting a permit for construction, you need to get some other permits.

The most important one is the building and barrier permit. This is what the major permit is all about. Additionally, if there are any electrical fittings within the pool, for instance, you might get an electric water pump or heater installed in the pool. In all these cases, you also need to apply for an electrical permit for the pool.

Besides that, if the heater is not an electric heater and is instead powered by gas, then a gas permit becomes essential.

It is only after getting all these permits that you can have a swimming pool on your property.

A Little More About the Requirements for the Barrier in Case of An Above Ground Pool

One of the major aspects of getting the permit for any kind of pool is meeting the barrier requirements. Generally, the pools need to have fencing on all sides, at least 4 feet high.

However, when it comes to above ground pools, the fencing requirements can be done away with, provided that the outside walls of the pool are at least four feet high. In case the walls are not that high, you can cover the height by adding an additional barrier of the required height over the top of the barrier walls. However, the space between the walls and barrier must not exceed two inches. You will also need walk in steps for above ground pool to get in and out of the pool.

Another thing that you need to ensure with the barriers is that they must not be climbable in any manner whatsoever. So, the barriers must not have any handles or even footholds on the outside.

Other Things About the Permit

In addition to all these requirements for the permit, there are some more things that you need to ensure. These are-

  1. If the pool you have built is portable, you might need additional permits if you want to reinstall it on your property. However, the permits are necessary only when you are reinstalling it in a location different from where it was installed earlier.
  2. You can install the pool only in your backyard, and there is no way you will get a permit to install it in the front yard.

Final Words

So, that’s all about the essential requirements for getting a permit for an above ground pool. Please note that these are only general requirements and they might vary based on your location and province. So, you must check with the relevant authorities for more detailed requirements.

We hope that this article helped give you a head start and you are a step ahead in getting your beautiful above ground pool built on your property!


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