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How Old Is Parker Mccollum, A Young Singer-Songwriter From Texas?

American singer-songwriter Parker McCollum hails from Austin, Texas. He plays drums, guitar, and piano in addition to being a multi-instrumentalist. With a sound that combines pop, rock, and country influences, he has put out four full-length albums and multiple EPs.

His music has been used in movies and TV shows, and he has done a lot of touring in both Europe and the United States. Parker McCollum is one of the most intriguing new voices in the music industry thanks to his distinctive lyrical and musical fusion. Let us explore information about him including how old is Parker Mccollum!!

How Old Is Parker Mccollum?

Parker McCollum, who is currently 31 years old, was born on June 15, 1992. America’s Conroe, Texas, is the place of his birth. Although his full name is Parker Yancey McCollum, he is better known in the industry as Parker McCollum. He was raised in the vicinity of Houston in a well-established family. Since his early years, he has been interested in music.

At the age of 13, he began studying the guitar and violin. At this age, he also began writing the song, which aided his professional singing career. He took influence from well-known vocalists, like Porter Wagoner, Buck Owens, and Willie Nelson. In the industry, he is now a well-known singer and songwriter.

How Old Is Parker Mccollum
How Old Is Parker Mccollum

When Did Parker McCollum Gained Recognition?

In the country music industry, Parker McCollum is a rising talent. When he self-released his debut album, “Limestone Kid,” in 2013, he gained recognition in the Texas country music industry and started his career. The compilation demonstrated McCollum’s skills as a songwriter and singer while showcasing his distinctive storytelling approach.

With the release of his second album, “Probably Wrong,” in 2017, McCollum cemented his standing as one of Texas’s most promising upcoming musicians. Hit songs “I Can’t Breathe” and “Hell of a Year” from the album helped McCollum become even more well-known outside of Texas.

Check out the video of Parker McCollum singing his hit song ‘Hell of a Year’:

One of the biggest record labels in the nation’s music business, MCA Nashville, offered McCollum a recording contract in 2020. In July of the same year, he released “Pretty Heart,” his major label debut single. The song gained McCollum his first gold record as it swiftly became popular, topping the Billboard Country Airplay list.

McCollum’s second single with MCA Nashville, “To Be Loved By You,” was released in February 2021. The song went on to become his second gold record and also climbed the charts. His major label debut album, “Gold Chain Cowboy,” was favorably welcomed by both critics and fans when it was released later that year.

With his distinctive storytelling skills and upbeat musical taste, Parker McCollum is swiftly emerging as one of the most promising new talents in country music. Even though his career is only in its early stages, he has already had a big influence on the industry and will undoubtedly cause further ripples in the years to come.

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Parker McCollum’s Top Hit Songs

  • To Be Loved By You Gold Chain Cowboy · (2021)
  • Hell of a Year Probably Wrong · (2017)
  • I Can’t Breathe Probably Wrong · (2017)
  • Pretty Heart Gold Chain Cowboy · (2021)
  • Young Man’s Blues
  • Hollywood Gold · (2020)
  • Meet You in the Middle The Limestone Kid · (2015)
  • Young Man’s Blues Hollywood Gold · (2020)
  • Love You Like That Hollywood Gold · (2020)

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