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Mobile Gaming as Favorite Pastime in 2022

Mobile gaming remains one of the most popular forms, which is not unusual considering how smartphones and mobile devices have changed and revolutionized the whole iGaming industry. Mobile technology has also changed our daily lives and made it super easy to communicate with friends and family.

When it comes to mobile gaming and the iGaming industry, mobile gambling is a trend that has been experiencing tremendous growth for the last several years. Mobile gambling has become mainstream thanks to several different factors. These are ease of use, convenience, and excellent digital safety.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

It is proven that mobile gaming is one of the key factors contributing to the growing popularity of online casino gambling and sports betting. The trend of gambling using mobile devices had been at the forefront of the iGaming industry for some time now, even before the whole Covid-19 situation, restrictions, and lockdowns.

In 2022, gambling via mobile devices at iGaming sites increased even more. It was estimated that in 2019 around 50% of online casino players and sports bettors used their smartphones and other mobile devices to place their wagers. This number is even higher in 2022. As detailed by, social casinos have also grown in popularity, especially in the United States, thanks to popular brands, such as Fortune Coins, Gambino Slots, High5 Casino, and Hard Rock Social Casino.

According to this DataReportal page, there were around 5.32 billion unique mobile phone users worldwide in April of 2022. In other words, around 67% of the total population use at least one mobile device. The same report also revealed that about 5 billion people in the world use the Internet, which is around 63% of the total population.

Why is Mobile Gaming So Popular?

As mentioned at the beginning, different factors contribute to the growing popularity of mobile gaming, and these are enhanced interactivity, greater convenience, greater digital security, and a wider range of options. Games like Pokemon Red have been hits among mobile players for years.

Playing your favorite casino games at top-notch mobile casinos ensures the safety of your funds at all times. Mobile casinos are also easy to navigate on all mobile devices. Playing games via mobile devices also offered better interactivity.

Playing games and making wagers by clicking your mouse can get stressful sometimes. This is not the issue when playing your favorite games on your mobile device. Another factor contributing to the growing popularity of mobile gaming is also greater availability. Those looking forward to gambling and gaming on the go can do so any time and any place if their mobile device has a somewhat decent connection to the Internet.

With mobile gambling platforms, you get to play for real money while taking a walk, while at work during your break time, and any other time. Mobile gaming is also associated with a fantastic range of gambling and betting options. Mobile gambling sites give access to loads of different casino games ad sometimes even offer special bonuses and promotions to their mobile players. With all of this being said, there is no wonder why mobile gaming remains one of the favorite pastimes among casino players and sports bettors worldwide.


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