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“How Many Times Has Robert Kraft Been Married? ” Everything You Need To Know

On Saturday, October 15, a wedding ceremony in New York City saw billionaire businessman Robert Kraft wed Dr. Dana Blumberg

A kickoff and touchdown celebration was held at the Gall des Lumieres in downtown Manhattan, and guests were invited. Although they were invited to dress festively, the pair kept their engagement and wedding plans secret. Before Al Michaels introduced them as husband and wife, the couple reportedly first played a 10-minute video. 

Kraft went on to say that Blumberg and he had started planning their wedding a few weeks prior. Backstage at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough for Sir Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, they crossed paths. When the singer saw Blumberg holding a wedding band, he asked if they were engaged and said he would love to sing at their wedding.

Elton’s offer was accepted, and they decided on a time when he would be available. The event was arranged in around three weeks, and an attendee revealed that John did it out of friendship.

Robert Kraft’s Relationships History

Myra Nathalie Hiatt, a philanthropist, was Robert Kraft’s first wife. Hiatt passed away from ovarian cancer in July 2011; the couple wed in June 1963. Myra passed away in 2016 at the age of 68. 

Hiatt, a Brandeis University graduate, was the daughter of the late industrialist and philanthropist Jacob “Jack” Hiatt, a Lithuanian-American. Jonathan A. Kraft, Daniel A. Kraft, Joshua M. Kraft, and David H. Kraft were the four children born to Robert and Myra. 

The pair gave more than $100 million to a number of nonprofits that focused on Israel, women’s concerns, sports, and education. They belonged to Newton, Massachusetts’ Temple Emanuel as well. 

In June 2012, Ricki Noel Lander and Robert Kraft started dating. Lander also received his assistance in making an audition video for her part in the 2013 comedy The Internship. The couple divorced in 2018. 

Tommy Hilfiger announced during the inaugural amfAR Gala Palm Beach event in March 2022 that Kraft and Dana Blumberg got engaged. Since their first public appearance at the French Open in 2019, the couple has been dating. The Women’s World Cup soccer finals, the 2020 Academy Awards, and the 2022 Super Bowl were all attended by them.

A lot of renowned people, like NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and musician Ed Sheeran, showed up to support the happy couple and send them their best wishes. 

The doctor, now 47, graduated from medical school in 2000. She holds a medical degree from Saint Louis University and is a licensed ophthalmologist. 

She also has a lot of experience with glaucoma and ophthalmology. Prior to working at New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia, she was an associate professor of ophthalmology at New York’s Columbia University. 

The couple’s friends and family knew they were committed to one another and would stick by each other through thick and thin, but they were not made aware that the occasion was a wedding. As the youngsters say, they aren’t messing around; they are moving steadily. 

Since they have been dating for nearly a year, they have never been happier. They may have met for the first time at an Elton John AIDS Foundation event in 2017.

Before becoming engaged in March 2022, they had been dating each other for a while. According to Page Six, the ring was around the same size as one of Kraft’s Super Bowl rings. I would estimate its weight to be at least 10 carats based on how it seemed. 

They heard from the source that some of Bob’s Super Bowl rings did not appear to be as large as this one. Before Robert Kraft and Dr. Dana Blumberg’s special day, no one was aware of their impending nuptials.