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How Did The Notorious Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Get Caught? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

One of the most prominent and prolific serial killers in US history, Jeffrey Dahmer, is certainly one of the first people who comes to mind when you hear the term “serial killer.”

In order to ostensibly satiate his own sexual cravings, Dahmer killed at least 17 individuals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1978 and 1991; the majority of them were LGBT or people of color.

It is not surprising that the new Netflix true-crime drama has shocked audiences. The terrifying role of Jeffrey Dahmer, whose murder and torture rampage went uncontrolled for 13 years, is played by Evan Peters. 

Even though he had numerous run-ins with the law in connection with previous crimes and received numerous complaints from neighbours about his odd behaviour, he was never seriously investigated until the final incident that made it clear what he’d done. 

Now, series creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan are making sure that the victims’ perspective is being shared in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, allowing viewers at home to witness the trauma and destruction wrought on them and their families. Viewers’ queries about the show include how precisely Jeffrey Dahmer was apprehended. For solutions to that and other pressing topics, continue reading. 

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Caught?

Dahmer’s killing spree, which claimed the lives of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, came to a stop in July 1991 when Tracy Edwards, a potential victim, managed to escape the killer’s grasp.

On July 22, 1991, under the pretense of taking some photos, Dahmer invited 32-year-old Edwards back to his flat. Dahmer had asserted his expertise as a photographer.

Dahmer attempted to handcuff Edwards while he was inside his flat, but was only able to cuff one wrist. When they first walked into Dahmer’s house, Edwards saw boxes of hydrochloric acid on the floor and smelled a bad smell coming from every room.


Edwards was half-handcuffed, and Dahmer told him to follow him into the bedroom, where he would photograph Edward naked. With Dahmer holding a six-inch knife pointed at his groin, he was made to lie on the ground.

Before he was able to flee, Edwards tried to negotiate with Dahmer for four hours. He claimed that while watching Exorcist III in his bedroom, Dahmer chanted and rocked back and forth. He also claimed that Dahmer “laid his head on my chest, was listening to my heart, and stated he was going to devour my heart.”

Edwards spent hours gaining Dahmer’s trust before asking the murderer if he could use the restroom, which allowed him to flee. He took advantage of the fact that Dahmer wasn’t holding his handcuffs to punch him in the face.

From there, Edwards was able to flee via the front door and signal two Milwaukee policemen named Robert Rauth and Rolf Mueller at 11:30 p.m. that day.

Edwards told the two police officers what had transpired after they realized he was handcuffed on one wrist.

In court, Edwards testified, “I told the cops, ‘This freak, this crazy guy was attempting to hurt me.'”

When the officers were unable to free him from the handcuffs on his wrists despite asking if they could, Edwards agreed to accompany them back to Dahmer’s flat.

Mueller found a number of polaroid photos that showed bodies in various states of mutilation when the officers broke into Dahmer’s house to get the key.

When Dahmer was caught after he tried to attack the police officers, the full extent of what he had done became clear.

When the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Milwaukee looked at Dahmer’s house, they found a mummified scalp, three dismembered torsos dissolving in a 57-gallon acid drum, seven human skulls, two human hearts, two whole human bones, four severed human heads in the kitchen, and more.

Edwards remarked at the time, “He underestimated me. I was sent there by God to handle the matter.

How Many People Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill?

Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys. On February 17, 1992, he was found guilty of 15 of the 16 murders for which he had originally been prosecuted and given 15 life sentences. Later, a life sentence was added for a homicide that was discovered to have been committed in Ohio in 1978.

Dahmer is quoted as saying, “I know society will never be able to forgive me,” after his trial and conviction. I am aware that the victims’ families will never be able to pardon me for what I did. If the pain ever goes away, I swear I will pray every day and beg for their pardon. I have witnessed their weeping, and if I could sacrifice my life at this very moment to save their loved ones, I would.

Why Did Jeffrey Not Receive The Death Penalty?

Jeffrey was spared the death penalty despite committing heinous crimes because Wisconsin was the first state to do away with the death penalty in 1853.

The security of Jeffrey had been a top priority for prison officials throughout his incarceration.

He was imprisoned for three years before Christopher Scarver, a fellow prisoner beat him to death in 1994.

In 1994, The New York Times revealed that Jeffrey had spent his first year of incarceration in solitary confinement. According to reports, the officials feared that executing one of America’s most notorious criminals might elevate another prisoner to a more powerful position within the institution.

Evan Peters, who was in Mare of Waston, plays the main character in the first season of the Netflix show. Shaun Brown plays Tracy Edwards, who was Jeffrey’s last victim.

Matthew Alan, Niecy Wash, Richard Jenkins, Catherine Dahmer, Khetphet Phagnasay, and Michael Learned are among the other performers who appear in the program.

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