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How Did Anita Pointer Die? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Legendry Singer

Anita Pointer, the American singer and founding member of the Grammy Award-winning vocal group The Pointer Sisters, passed away on April 11, 2020. Her death has sparked questions among her fans about the cause of her passing. In this article, we aim to explore how Anita Pointer died, taking a closer look at her life and legacy. We will analyze the reports surrounding her death and discuss how she has been remembered by friends, family, and fans.

About Anita Pointer

Anita Marie Pointer (January 23, 1948 – December 31, 2022) was an American singer-songwriter best known as a founding member of the Pointer Sisters. Anita created The Pointer Sisters in 1969 with June and Bonnie Pointer, while her siblings toured the United States as Pointers, a Pair. Sister Ruth later joined the band, resulting in their 1975 Grammy Award for the single Fairytale. While Bonnie pursued a solo career in the 1980s, the surviving members rose to notoriety as a trio.

Jump (For My Love), one of their most recognizable songs, capitalized on the electro-pop trend in the early 1980s to become the best-selling American dance hit of 1984. Girls Aloud’s cover a few years later also achieved international recognition.

Anita and her brother Fritz Pointer published the book Fairytale: The Pointer Sisters‘ Family Story in February 2020. The book highlighted the challenges and triumphs the sisters faced during their careers and their experiences as young black women in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Civil Rights and Black Power movements of the late 1960s. 

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How Did Anita Pointer Die?

Anita Pointer passed away on Saturday, December 31, 2022, at her home in Los Angeles at 74.  Pointer, one of the founding members of the American R&B group The Pointer Sisters, died overnight of cancer. The group’s representatives noted that Pointer, 74, “fought a heroic battle with cancer. Family surrounded her at the time of her death”.

Musical circles began discussing Anita Pointer’s health in October 2021, when her intended presence on the US reality singing competition The Masked Singer was canceled owing to the singer “dealing with an illness.” She was expected to make her debut alongside her sister, Ruth Pointer.

Anita’s daughter Jada died in 2003 when Anita assumed responsibility for raising her granddaughter, Roxie McKain Pointer. Her family said to the media:

“While the loss of Anita deeply saddens us, we are comforted knowing she is now with her daughter Jada and her sisters June & Bonnie and at peace. She was the one that kept all of us close and together for so long. Her love of our family will live on in each of us,” 

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Final Words

Anita Pointer’s death was a tragic loss to the music industry. Despite her long and successful career, she had to pass away at 69 due to an undisclosed illness. Her immense contribution to the music world will always be remembered and cherished by her fans across the globe. She was a great singer, songwriter, and performer who brought joy to countless people through her artistry. Anita Pointer will never be forgotten.

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