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‘House of the Dragon’ Season 1, Episode 9 Ending Explanation; Here Is All You Need To Know

With TV pariahs David Benioff and D.B. Weiss driving the show into uncharted narrative terrain and ultimately botching it, Game of Thrones had a plot that George R.R. Martin never finished. 

It should be different from the House of the Dragon. The Dance of the Dragons, a real-life Targaryen civil conflict that the author describes in Fire & Blood, serves as the central theme of the entire project. 

The conclusion of the ninth installment feels like it has officially begun after Viserys unintentionally declared war in Episode 8.

House Of The Dragon Episode 9 Ending Explanation

Aegon II is crowned at the end of episode nine after Otto and Alicent used their own resources to find him in the self-imposed poverty of Flea Bottom. At first, he wasn’t interested in being king… until he spotted his father’s catspaw dagger.

The announcement of Viserys’ passing and his apparent preference for Aegon to replace him rather than his daughter Rhaenyra are made by Otto as the citizens of King’s Landing swarm into the building, including Rhaenys, who attempted to flee the city before being stuck in traffic.

Aegon makes his way to the front, through the Kingsguard’s swords and the throng, where he is crowned with Aegon the Conqueror’s crown. He doesn’t much like the bows and nods from his family, but when he hears the crowd yelling “long live the king,” he raises his Blackfyre sword in salute.

A stone explosion strikes the center of the arena just as you expect the credits to start. A dragon named Medleys, carrying Rhaenys on her back—who had managed to elude capture and fall into the dragon pit—emerges from the smoke. The city’s inhabitants either get crushed, lashed by the beast’s tail, or scramble for the doors as panic sets in.

Rhaenys doesn’t order Alicent to die in a Dragonfire inferno, but she gets ready to. Rhaenys flees to Dragonstone, maybe to warn Rhaenyra and Daemon, as Meleys roars in the face of the new monarch.

What Does The Ninth Episode Of House Of The Dragon Mean?

We shouldn’t understate what occurred because Alicent gave Rhaenys everything, including Driftmark, notwithstanding Viserys’ decision to grant Lucerys Velaryon its inheritance, and she still desired to flee with Meleys. The Dance of the Dragons has officially started.

The Velaryon side had abandoned Alicent, Otto, Aegon, and the Greens, and the rival Targaryens were unaware of Aegon’s crowning. Despite Alicent’s good intentions, this act of treason in the book ultimately leads to the civil war.

The Season 1 finale of House of the Dragon, Episode 10, will air on October 23 in the US and October 24 in the UK.

Who Is Westeros’ New Ruler?

With Aegon now occupying the Iron Throne, the Hightowers’ long-standing scheme to seize the throne from Rhaenyra upon Viserys’s passing has at last been carried out. Rhaenyra won’t, though, as the book Fire and Blood by George R.R. Martin demonstrates.

The ensuing struggle sparks the Targaryen civil war, or Dance of the Dragons, which pits Team Green and Team Black against one another as they compete for the rule of Westeros.

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