Marvel Studios’ ‘Loki’ is here and trending with it’s most awaited season finale; The series will be back for Season 2

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Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken it’s fans and viewers by surprise and amazement with the latest series release of our favourite green superhero, the God of Mischief, ‘Loki’.

The action adventure series streams on Disney Plus and features none other than the Marvel superstar Tom Hiddleston in the lead, titular character role.

Finally, the moment of wait is over, as here comes ‘Loki’ with it’s all intriguing season finale, episode 6, today, on July 14, 2021.

Being the most awaited episode of the tv show, fans tuned in to be all eyes and ears for it’s finale, finally getting insights into the mysteries and highlights of the entire show, as it unveils all the suspense to the audience.

Here’s how fans and Twitterati took to Twitter to flood the microblogging site with loads of messages, expressing their feelings and opinions after watching this episode.



Deemed by most as the “Best Marvel Series to date”, Loki revolves around the  villainous mischief of Loki, the story picking off right from where the ‘Avengers:Endgame’ left off, leading into ‘Doctor Strange’ with crazy drama and intense humour.

Well, if this series is gonna be missed, ‘Loki’ is up for yet another season, with the production expected to begin in 2022, as mentioned in the post-credits scene of today’s finale episode.

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