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Hellbound Season 2 Is Not Coming To Netflix Until Dec 2022

Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Hellbound Season 2 on Netflix following a fantastic first season. After the original run of six episodes, we were left wanting more, continuing the recent trend of enormous success for South Korean media in the West. On November 19, 2021, “Hellbound” Season 1 debuted on the streaming platform. It would make sense for a follow-up season to follow the same path as the original six. Season 2 of “Hellbound” could premiere in late 2022, most likely in November or December of that year.

Will Hellbound return for a second season?

The conclusion of Hellbound season 1 left fans clamoring for more. The door was left open for a sequel, and many of the show’s ardent fans have made it clear that they want more episodes. It seems like Hellbound will have a second season on Netflix. According to other sources, Hellbound has already been given a second season by Netflix. It is possible that Netflix will soon reveal that the show has been revived for a second season. According to sources, a Netflix insider has confirmed that Hellbound season 2 will be renewed.

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Hellbound Season 2 Release Date & Time

Season 2 of Hellbound might arrive as Lately in 2022 like Nov or Dec. From August 2020 until January 2021, the first season of the show was shot and shown in November 2021. As a result, if production on the second season began before the first, it could premiere as early as the end of 2022.

After the first season concluded, there were still a lot of unsolved mysteries, thus a second season was clearly in the works. As a result, Netflix has a tendency to order more seasons that aren’t always available. Cowboy Bebop, for example, was heavily promoted for a second season but was ultimately cancelled because of poor ratings. Netflix’s restrictions may imply that production on Season 2 of Hellbound has not yet begun, despite the show’s widespread popularity. If that’s the case, don’t expect it until 2023 at the earliest.

So many questions remain unanswered from the first season. To keep their child safe from Judgment, Bae Young Jae and Song So Hyun made the ultimate sacrifice in their final episode. This action puts into doubt the entire procedure and the New Truth Society’s word. One of the first public Demonstration subjects Park Jeong-ja returns to her apartment five years after she was sent to hell for being a single mother.

As the New Truth Society’s doctrines are rejected by some sections of society, we should expect a civil war in Season 2. We expect Min Hye-jin to play a major role, and we’re hoping to see Yang Ik-June return to tell his side of the tale as well.

Hellbound Season 2 Expected Plot

The season one conclusion of Hellbound begins with Soyhun questioning Deacon Yuji about the unfortunate fate of her kid and why it happened in the first place. A meeting with Chairman Kim of the New Truth Society was held when it was determined that the mother and her infant should be isolated so that no one would learn that those who have never sinned can nevertheless be sent to hell.

As luck would have it, Min Hye-jin intervenes, kicking a cult ass in the hallway outside in the best Daredevil impression she can muster. When Min’s rescue plan is successful, he is able to smuggle the family to safety. She has no idea that Lee Dongwook, the crazed YouTuber who first preached the cult’s religion online when the decrees began to unfold, is the man she has come to believe.

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It begins with him posting a video denouncing the doctrine of original sin, but it quickly degenerates into a plot to kill everyone when he betrays Min and goes on a murderous rampage. Is this some sort of “Messiah”?

Lee catches up to the mother in public, but the demons come just in time to save the infant from Lee’s murderous hands. In order to keep strangers away from their infant, the parents tie themselves to the crib and light a cigarette.

The baby is still alive, clinging to the burnt remains of his parents. Is this the first time a decree has been overturned? It’s possible, I think. It doesn’t get any stranger than that when Christ himself appears and begins stabbing the baby. I don’t get it!” he yells.

Thanks to the demons’ quick arrival, Lee is also killed. The question is whether or whether this makes the infant a new “Messiah.” The crowd intervenes before the cult can claim him as their own and protect him. After Min has retrieved the infant, he escapes in a taxi.
As Min and the rest of the audience reflect on those final words, the camera pans upwards..

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In the end, however, things aren’t over yet. We cut to Park Jeong-burnt ja’s remains just as you think the first season of Hellbound is coming to an end, and the room begins to shake and the body begins to reassemble itself. “Sinner” has miraculously returned from Hell—assuming that she was really in Hell to begin with.

When the dead return in this manner, it’s safe to assume that Hellbound season two will take this cliffhanger head-on. It’s unclear how this development will affect society’s view of death and demonic visits. The “angels” of season one may not be angels at all, which indicates that the victims may not have been taken to Hell, but to a whole different location altogether.

“For the second season, I hope that a completely new universe, a third planet that is neither heaven nor hell, appears,” actor Yoo Ah-in told Korea Joongang Daily. It seemed to me that what people were so terrified of was actually part of a four-dimensional universe that no one had ever discovered. Like Park Jung-ja, I think Jin-su will be reborn in the future. The revived beings’ impact on the planet is something I’m curious about.”

Hellbound Season 2 Cast

There is a diverse group of characters on the Netflix show “Hellbound.” One group is devoted to fanaticism, while another is trying to dismantle the cult organization’s influence. A second season of “Hellbound” is anticipated to feature Jin Kyeong-hoon (Yang Ik-june), Bae Young-jae (Park Jeong-min), Song So-hyun (Won Jin-ah), Min Hye-jin (Kim Hyun-joo), and Jeong Jin-soo as cast members (Yoo Ah-in). Season 2 of “Hellbound” will feature a slew of new characters to feed the demons’ insatiable need for flesh.

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How Many Seasons does Hellbound have?

There is only one season of Hellbound currently streaming on Netflix. On November 19, 2021, the first season’s debut episode aired.

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