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7 Healing Stones Perfect for Your Workplace (2023)

How you work and feel about your work can be affected by several factors: where you work, how well-lit or air-conditioned it is, and what kind of furniture you have.

However, other things can affect your productivity too, which don’t necessarily have anything to do with what’s happening in your office.

For example, if you know someone who keeps crystals on their desk at all times, then you probably know that these stones can positively impact mood and energy levels even when they aren’t being touched! So why not bring something similar into your workspace?

7 Healing Stones Perfect for Your Workplace


Amethyst is a stone of tranquility and peace. It’s also a stone of divine love and spiritual healing, said to promote inspiration, imagination, and creativity.

Amethyst helps bring harmony into the home and workplace when placed there. It is a stone of meditation as well as spirituality. Amethyst has been used for centuries by many cultures to enhance dreaming abilities. Amethyst gets its name from “a-metron” of Greek origin.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a powerful stone that can help you focus and achieve your goals. Clear quartz is among great loose gemstones to keep in your workspace as it will help you to find clarity in your thoughts and ideas, as well as stay focused on what you’re doing.

Clear quartz also can amplify energy and intention, so if you’ve got something important coming up that requires some extra power from within, then this healing crystal will be able to provide that boost!

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a powerful stone to help you achieve creative growth and success. It’s also known as the “stone of opportunity” because it can help you find new opportunities, make good investments, and build strong relationships. Green Aventurine is found in Brazil and India.

It looks like pale green quartz with flecks of gold or mica visible through its surface. If you want to use green aventurine at work, keep it on your desk or wherever else in your workspace where you spend most of your time doing creative work (such as writing).

You can also carry it around in your pocket or purse so that its energy stays with you wherever you go.


Sodalite is a stone of communication. It helps you think clearly and logically, which can be beneficial when communicating with others. This stone can help improve your communication skills by helping you speak your mind openly and honestly.

You may find that using this healing crystal at work will help you be more assertive when you need to share an opinion or give feedback on something that needs to change for things to run smoothly at work.

Rose Quartz

Like jade jewelry, Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, hope, and strength. It helps open the heart chakra, allowing the flow of love to be felt. It’s a great stone for couples, helping to promote a sense of unity and harmony.

This beautiful pink quartz crystal can also heal wounds in relationships or improve communication between partners. In addition, Rose Quartz enhances emotional balance by calming anxiety and depression while increasing positive feelings like joy and happiness.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a great stone in your workspace because it protects you from negative energy. It’s a grounding stone that helps you deal with stress and anxiety, so if you feel stressed or anxious at work, black obsidian can help.

It also helps with confidence issues, so if you’re struggling with feeling like an imposter in your job or unsure of what to do next, black obsidian can clarify these feelings.


Citrine is a yellow stone that can help you feel more confident and optimistic. It also helps to clear out negative energy, so it’s a great choice if you’re feeling down or anxious.

Citrine is the “merchant’s stone” because it helps with financial matters, making it perfect for your workspace if you need a boost in that department.

Some say that citrine promotes self-esteem and confidence by encouraging us to be our best selves, while others believe they’re happy because they have citrine nearby. This powerful crystal will improve your mood if it stays close by.

End Note

And there you have it!

We’re so excited you’re ready to bring healing stones into your workspace.

Remember to treat these rocks with respect and care, and enjoy discovering which ones resonate with you most.

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