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Harem In The Labyrinth Of Another World Review, Story And What Critics Have To Say

On one level, you can almost understand that the fantasy action gameplay segment of Harem In Another World’s Labyrinth is a repetitive grindfest. These are just page fillers, mostly intended for audiences to skim through to get to the fun part about slave woman sex.

Harem In The Labyrinth Of Another World : Review

But if we see the same superficial approach in the sex scenes, it follows effectively and doesn’t change the flow quite as much as the Dungeon Lore section. At first, the writers behind Harlem Labyrinth were either just lacking in imagination, or some sort of game theory at the expense of the viewer’s desperation.


Given that Michio says in this episode of Harlem Labyrinth Dead Ass that he and Roxanne are just looking for near-future experiences, there’s little need to explain where this episode is headed.

Last week’s plot hook to protect the market is completed within five minutes after Michio kills the lone bandit. The rest revolves around him and Roxanne having compulsory couple sex three weeks after their divorce, as well as testing his newfound magical abilities. We may see her there, but it will inspire both her and our home. She is especially sexually involved with you.

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What Critics Say

The series, and this episode in specific, again and again teases on the concept of him suffering in opposition to having to kill different humans to get via way of means of on this world.

It comes up while he kills that bandit at the start of this episode, and once more as he muses that the principle purpose tremendously vulnerable monsters like Kobolds are covered on a decrease degree of the dungeon is due to the fact their approximate human form would possibly squick fledgling adventurers.

Oh, and another thing Harlem Labyrinth boosts its score by half a point in this episode is its screenshots. The Cascade Cover Box reaches the same hidden heights that World’s End Harlem finally did cover the entire screen.

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It’s likely half-hearted to cut the unsold version of the show (at least there are a few uncensored photos of Roxanne’s legs), but after flipping the screen a few times, it’s like, ‘Master, you’re a little stronger.

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