Hang Mioku Before And After

Hang Mioku Before And After: What Is Hang Mioku Doing Now? Plastic Surgery Almost Killed Her

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Former Korean model Hang Mioku developed a serious obsession with cosmetic surgery to the point where she put cooking oil into her own face.

Hang Mioku was regarded by many as being an extremely attractive woman. However, Hang Mioku’s fixation with cosmetic surgery will lead her to undergo a series of procedures that would leave her with a permanently bloated, disfigured face and leave her feeling terrible about what she did.

On July 8, 1963, Hang Mioku was born in South Korea.

Mioku developed an addiction to plastic surgery at the age of 28.

Mioku had her first cosmetic procedure when she was 28 years old. She was so attracted by it that she repeatedly had plastic surgery on her face, which led to her eventually developing an obsession with it.

Her primary obsession was to look more beautiful than other people and get smoother skin.

But it had to be stopped because of the great risk that the consequences might have. Her doctors were the ones who ultimately disapproved of her choice and refused to do any additional plastic surgery on her, arguing that if she underwent silicone injections one more time, her face would grow more submissive.

Hang Mioku before plastic surgery
Hang Mioku before plastic surgery

However, Mioku was obstinate and unwilling to listen to the physicians, so she started to experiment with plastic surgery on her own.

She initially started injecting her face with the entire bottle of market silicone. She had to firmly suppress her yearning, though, because silicone was quite expensive. But the native of Korea, who had developed a serious obsession with plastic surgery, couldn’t maintain it for long.

She had no choice but to inject cooking oil into her face because she couldn’t afford silicones, a decision that radically changed the course of her life. Her desire for plastic surgery was not supported by the cooking oil insertions, which instead left her cheeks and forehead bloated and scarred.

Hang Mioku After plastic surgery
Hang Mioku After plastic surgery

Mioku’s injured face was the end result of desperate attempts at plastic surgery; as a result, she appeared so deformed that even her parents were unable to identify her.

After being taken to the doctor, it was determined that Mioku had a psychological condition that she was unable to control on her own.

Due to her obsession with improving her physical appearance through plastic surgery, the model, who was once a highly regarded face in the Korean entertainment industry with her modeling and singing skills, is finding it difficult to fit in with society today.

Hang Mioku’s swollen and disfigured face Image
Hang Mioku’s swollen and disfigured face Image

Where is Hang Mioku now?

After hearing about Hang Mioku, some kindhearted people decided to send her money so she could correct her huge and deformed face.

Her face was already irreparably scarred, so the physicians could only reduce its size. Actually, it required ten operations to improve the appearance of Hang Mioku’s face.

Hang Mioku wishes she could have her old face back because she has many regrets.

Is Hang Mioku still alive?

Hang Mioku was forced to end her modeling career due to the surgery. Hang Mioku, who is currently employed in South Korea at a store, is still very much alive.

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