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Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date Status Confirmed In Oct 2022 & Get Every Details

The third season of Golden Kamuy has finally been here, and the show’s viewers can’t wait to see what happens next. Fans of Golden Kamuy, one of the most well-liked anime series in recent years, will finally get to witness what occurs after season three. Golden Kamuy Season 4 continues the tale of the quest for a lost treasure. The television show about a group of odd friends is still a fan favorite, and the newest season is sure to be equally riveting.

There is no need to search further for information about the release date of Golden Kamuy Season 4. You have come to the right place. Golden Kamuy Season 4 has swiftly become one of the most anticipated anime series with the release of the third season’s closing episode, which has created a ton of attention on social media.

Folks, we’re here to put an end to all of these rumors and give you a clear answer to every one of your questions. Read this article for more information.

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Golden Kamuy Season 4 Confirmed! & More Details

The fourth TV season of the Golden Kamuy anime adaption was announced on December 5th, 2021. The first teaser trailer for the series was released by the NBC Universal Anime/Music YouTube account alongside the news of its development.

However, the announcement that the show will use a brand-new production facility for its fourth season was the most intriguing part of the renewal. Geno Studio’s production will be taken over by Brain’s Base, and Hitoshi Noboru will be replaced as head director by Shizutaka Sugahara.

With adaptations of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013), School Babysitters (2018), In/Spectre (2020), Duel Masters (2019), and To Your Eternity, the new company has a track record in the anime business (2021).

One of the most reliable, yet criminally unappreciated, television programs in recent years is Golden Kamuy. With scores of 7.86/10, 8.23/10, and 8.45/10 over its three seasons on MyAnimeList, the anime is now getting an 8.0/10 on IMDB and 4.7/5 on Crunchyroll Reviews. This indicates that it is easily popular enough to warrant another TV season.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date

At AnimeJapan 2022, it was announced that the fourth season of Golden Kamuy will start in October 2022.

As part of the special panel, a brand-new teaser trailer, which you can see below, was posted online.

“A new journey between Sugimoto and Ashi (Ri) pa begins !! Survival of the survival competition over the gold nugget robbed by the Ainu, the opening of a new chapter !!! TV anime “Golden Kamuy” 4th period, Broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from October !!” – Trailer, NBC Universal Anime YouTube.

No specific date was given for when Golden Kamuy season 4 episode 1 would be out. Fans can expect the anime to come back on either Monday, October 3rd, or Monday, October 10th, though, if the show stays on its usual schedule in Japan.

Since Crunchyroll and Funimation recently merged, the anime is also likely to return to being shown at the same time on both sites. This article will be changed as soon as the streaming partner and number of episodes for season 4 of Golden Kamuy are made public.

Golden Kamuy Characters, Cast, and Staff

Even though the next season of Golden Kamuy hasn’t been formally announced, we can anticipate almost all of the characters to return if season 4 does really have a release date. We may anticipate several well-known figures in season 4. Along with most of them returning, there are several new recurring and side roles that we could see in the upcoming season.

Saichi SugimotoChikahiro Kobayashi
AsirpaHaruka Shiraishi
Yoshitake ShiraishiYoshitake Shiraishi
Otonoshin KoitoKatsuyuki Konishi

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Expected Plot

In this movie, the humor, the action, and the emotions were all successfully blended together. As the years passed, Asirpa’s friendship with her Russian acquaintances also became stronger. We might witness Asirpa and Sugimoto sharing a passionate moment in the previous episode. Ogata knocked Asirpa off his feet in the previous episode before shooting Sugimoto in the head.

At the future convention, the developers of Golden Kamuy Season 4 could be interested in purchasing the program. Asirpa’s path is depicted in this episode, and it hasn’t been simple. She still has a ways to go in her journey, though. We’ll have to wait and see if the traitor’s demise has any beneficial effects on Asirpa’s future. One of her closest family members and a longtime foe both passed away in the previous season. What effects does this have on her personal and professional life? The only way to find out is to watch the new Golden Kamuy Season.

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