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Gold Rush: White Water, Next Season Yet to be Announced by Discovery Channel

As much as it may shock viewers, Discovery Channel has decided to put Gold Rush: White Water on indefinite pause. Producer Tim Dalby broke the news, and he doesn’t appear to be thrilled about it. You can find more details about the renewal of the show from the article.

Gold Rush

Will Gold Rush: White Water Season 7 be released soon?

According to Premiere Date, the renewal of the next season of Gold Rush: White Water is not yet announced by Discovery Channel.

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Gold rush

Tim Dalby announced the prolonged suspension of his show Gold Rush: White Water on social media. Even though he insisted he had nothing to do with it, he doesn’t appear to be very pleased. Tim claims that a high-ranking executive at Discovery-Warner Bros made a decision to pull the show from broadcast for three months. It’s right smack in the heart of the season right now. Here is what Tim had to say about the break and when viewers may tune in for the rest of the current season on Discovery.

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White water delayed till April from goldrush

About Gold Rush: White Water

The Discovery Channel airs a reality show called Gold Rush: White Water. Placer gold miners “Dakota” Fred Hurt and his son Dustin Hurt, made famous in Gold Rush, are back in Haines Borough, Alaska’s wilderness, to try their luck with suction dredge diving in the region’s rushing whitewater creeks. Gold Rush: White Water is an excellent show about miners, bush mechanics, and brave divers venturing into parts of white water rapids that have never been explored before. If you’re looking for a survival show, this includes everything from cliff diving to navigating a six-inch suction dredge.

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