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A Review on the New Telugu Film ‘GodFather’

Twitter reviews of Chiranjeevi’s film GodFather were positive. The Telugu drama is a remake of the hit Malayalam movie Lucifer, which starred Mohanlal. The movie GodFather, starring Chiranjeevi, came out in theatres on October 5.

After seeing the Telugu version of Lucifer with Mohanlal, many people are talking about it on Twitter. The Malayalam movie came out in 2019 and did well at the box office. GodFather also features Nayanthara, Satya Dev, and Puri Jagannadh, in addition to Chiranjeevi.

Salman Khan also has an extended cameo in the movie and has been promoting his first Telugu movie with Chiranjeevi at recent events. Mohan Raja is in charge of making the movie. How do fans of Chiranjeevi’s latest Telugu movie feel about it on social media?

Some people said that GodFather was a good remake of Lucifer, and others noted that Chiranjeevi did an excellent job. Fans also liked Salman’s small role in the movie. “Perfect, pure mass and family entertainment,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Chiranjeevi’s coolness is off the charts. Salman Khan (Salu Bhai) did a great job in his role.” People also liked S Thaman‘s music. One tweet said, “A good political action thriller that is a faithful remake that stays true to the core but makes changes that keep things interesting.”

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Chiranjeevi’s Megastar and Thaman’s show go all the way. You did a great job of making changes that did not hurt the core. “Nice one.” One person on Twitter also liked the movie because it changed the original Malayalam movie, Lucifer, just the right amount.


“The director, Mohan Raja, deserves all the credit for changing the original and making it enjoyable. The first half of the movie is outstanding, and the second half is also good, with many funny parts. Overall, a hit,” a tweet said.

One person tweeted, comparing GodFather to Lucifer, “Godfather is way better than Lucifer. “In one word, this movie was a hit.”

One person, though, did not like the second half of the GodFather. He wrote on Twitter, “A great first half and a horrible second half. This movie is all about how the actors act, not how the story is told.

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GodFather is about Brahma, who is played by Chiranjeevi. After 20 years, he goes back to his hometown.

Chiranjeevi had already mentioned GodFather 2 when he spoke at the Hindi trailer launch of the film and said, “I talked to the first director, Prithviraj Sukumaran, and he said that L2 (Lucifer 2) is going very well. Listen to the subject if you are interested. So, there are ways to make a follow-up to GodFather.”

GodFather starts with a few slow but intense scenes that set up the world of the movie. These scenes work because they have a sense of urgency, which makes it easier for the audience to connect with what is going on in the movie. They set the stage pretty well for Chiranjeevi’s big entrance.

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The actor’s introduction scene is not as exciting as the ones in SS Rajamouli‘s RRR and in Legend, which was led by Nandamuri Balakrishna. It packs a punch, though, primarily because of how great Chiranjeevi is on screen. Again, the action scenes live up to the actor’s reputation as the “Boss of the Bosses” and are stylish without being over the top.

In the end, GodFather is a grand celebration of the brand Chiranjeevi that will please the actor’s loyal fans.

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