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George Santos Husband: Unveiling His Partner Amidst Political Limelight!

In addition to his political career, George Santos is regarded for his position as a loving spouse. Santos has proven as a public leader and representative that he is devoted to his family as well as to serving the public good. Outside of politics, Santos’s spouse embodies his principles of affection, encouragement, and collaboration.

His marriage, which contributes to his dual identities as a loving spouse and a leader, is evidence of the value of strong familial ties. Santos is a beautiful example of a committed husband in both the public and private domains since he successfully manages his job obligations with his connections.

George Santos Husband

Santos is a proud gay man. Matt is the man George Santos is married to. He posted the following in a tweet lamenting the demise of Senator Dianne Feinstein: “My husband Matt and I are heartbroken by the news of the passing of Senator Feinstein. Sen. Feinstein was a trailblazer who dedicated over 30 years of service to her country. Our condolences to the Feinstein family as they grieve this grave loss.”

It was among the initial occasions when Santos brought up his spouse. Santos quickly announced via Twitter that he and Matt were wed in 2021. A number of social media users have accused him of “hard-launching” his husband with the message.

“Using a US Senator’s death to hard launch your secret husband is somehow the gayest thing George Santos has ever done,” Kendall Brown tweeted. “10/10, incredible work.”

Confusion increased as news organizations and social media users searched for any previous references to Santos’s marriage, many of whom turned up empty-handed.

The site states that The Wrap was unable to locate earlier comments, but The Messenger was able to identify allusions to his spouse. Santos’s past involvement with honesty on both a personal and professional level added to the mystery surrounding his marital status.

Santos responded to the internet commotion early on Monday morning by sharing a picture of himself with Matheus Gerard, who is named as his spouse, Matt.

They shared a Queen’s house, and in November 2020, the Brazilian news outlet piauí revealed that Gerard, who was 24 at the time, was born in Brazil.

At just before 2:30 a.m., alongside the image, Santos wrote, “For those wondering and going nuts, this is Matt, my husband since Nov 2021… I’m not sure where all the “hard launch” comments came from.”

Santos went on, “Or maybe it’s just that people are starting to understand they got played by the media with all the nonsense they wrote about me? Nonetheless, have a fantastic time pretending the media depiction of me is correct.” The picture was taken in November 2022 at Statuary Hall during a new member orientation.

In a post dated January 2021, Santos mentioned his fiancé at the time and said that Gerard had lost his work as a chemist. Gerard was recognized as a pharmacist in the piauí piece as well.

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George Santos’s Early Life, Family, and Education

George Anthony Devolder Santos was born in Brazil to Fátima Aziza Caruso Horta Devolder and Gercino Antônio dos Santos Jr. (Junior) on July 22, 1988. He has a younger sister, Tiffany.

Brazil also birthed his maternal grandparents, Paulo and Rosalina Caruso Horta Devolder. Three of his four maternal great-grandparents were Brazilian, one Belgian. In 1985, Fátima Devolder came to Florida to gather beans.

Later, she was a housekeeper, chef, and nanny in NYC. Gercino Santos painted houses. Santos claims U.S. and Brazilian citizenship. In 2013, a Brazilian court called him American.

Santos grew up in a rat-infested basement flat in Jackson Heights, Queens, near a Brazilian immigrant colony in Astoria. Despite their poverty, his parents and aunt purchased him dolls, toys, and clothes, according to relatives and friends.

By 1998, Gercino’s native state of Minas Gerais showed that he remarried, ending his parents’ marriage. Santos lived with his mother intermittently till her death and rarely saw his father. According to a biographer, Santos’ family knew him for lying and robbery as a child.

Santos has a GED. I.S. 125 Thomas J. McCann Woodside Intermediate School in Woodside, Queens, and P.S.122 The Mamie Fay School in Astoria were his schools.

George Santos’s Career

Santos was a Dish Network contact center agent in College Point, Queens, from October 2011 to July 2012. Hired for his second language, he answered Portuguese-speaking calls. The New York Times they were confirmed that Santos worked for HotelsPro, a MetGlobal affiliate, after 2013.

HotelsPro was opening an Orlando office, so Santos went there in early 2016. He transferred his driver’s license to Florida and registered to vote. Santos works for “connects investors with fund managers” LinkBridge Investors.

In 2019, the firm president testified in a lawsuit that Santos was a freelancer who worked on commission despite his 2019 campaign disclosure form and company paperwork listing him as vice president.

He was named New York regional director in a business press release. Santos has alternately explained the Devolder Organization’s business. Santos incorporated the Devolder Organisation in May 2021 but recorded income from it on his 2020 income tax return, according to the House Ethics Committee.

Santos was the sole owner and manager of the Organisation, controlling $80 million in assets, according to his financial filings. Santos dubbed the Organisation “capital introduction consulting” on financial disclosure forms.

Although situated in New York, the Organisation was registered in Florida and dissolved in September 2022 for not filing yearly reports. Santos said its accountant missed the annual filing deadline.

The Organisation loaned Santos’ congressional campaign around $700,000 in 2022. Santos said the Organisation paid him $750,000 and dividends of $1–$5 million, even though he said its value remained the same.

Despite his assertions about the Organization’s size, Santos’s financial disclosures identified no clients. Dun & Bradstreet projected Devolder’s revenue to be around $50,000 in July 2022. The Organization’s registered agent, Santos, lived in Florida. The Organization’s mailing address was Harbour City’s CTO’s Merritt Island flat.

The Ethics Committee detected a $13,000 loss in the Organization’s 2021 financials. Santos’ 2022 financial disclosure declaration showed $4 in the Organization’s bank account.

When Santos applied for the account, he told the bank the Organisation made $800,000 in net profit and grossed $1.5 million, significantly more than bank records revealed.

“Representative Santos’ use of both his business and personal accounts with the same bank seemed to primarily be to deposit and then withdraw funds, often at ATMs or in all-cash transactions,” the panel said. “The source for the significant cash deposits, which were often made just before a withdrawal for a similar amount, remains unclear.”

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