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Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura: What You Need To Know Is Available Here!

Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura is a game that was developed by the Japanese company, Sega. The game has been released in Japan and North America for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s time to take on some of the most challenging puzzles ever created! You’ll need to think outside of the box with these brain-bending levels. With over 100 levels, you’re sure to find something that will challenge your mind!

Genshin Impact’s 2.0 update introduced many new objectives and locations, as well as a slew of improvements. One of these tasks will take you to Inazuma to seek for Thunder Sakura. 

All of the Thunder Sakura locations on Kannazuka Island in Genshin Impact All of the Thunder Sakura locations on Kannazuka Island in Genshin Impact and their healing properties are described below.

How To Heal?

When you find each Thunder Sakura, examine the glowing circles on the ground with Elemental Sight (middle mouse button/L1+left D-pad). Once you’ve located them, run into the middle of the circle until the Thunder Sakura is ready to shock you with a flash of lighting, then duck out of the way to avoid being struck.

A glowing purple point would appear above the circle if it was struck by lightning, and you may use your Elemental Sight to discover the next circle that has been hit by lightning.The first reel has a koi fish in the pond at its center.

On this score, there are three circular targets that must be struck with Thunder Sakura’s lightning and may be found right at the limits of the storm’s reach, up on top of hills or underneath tiny ledges, so keep looking in Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura.

When you’ve struck all three, the Sakura Thunder will begin to bloom and cease its lightning assault. You may also open a Common Chest just next to the tree’s trunk. But don’t go just yet; to heal the Thunder Sakura, you must engage with the yellow glowing point on the tree’s trunk.

After you’ve completed all five Thunder Sakura locations, return to Miyuki at the place marked on the map above to learn more about the Treasure Hoarders (and the trees).

That’s all there is to it when it comes to locating the five Thunder Sakura locations in Genshin Impact and restoring those trees.

Where to look for Thunder Sakura Trees in Genshin Impact Where to Look for Thunder Sakura Trees in the Genshin Impact

The trees that make up the Saffron Haze are massive, electro-infused wood trunks. There are five of them on Kannazuka Island, and if you get too close, they’ll unleash deadly lightning bolts on you. After completing the World Quest Sakura Arborism, the player must heal the trees. They will be left dormant afterwards. The Thunder Sakura are believed to cure illnesses and bad luck, as well as protect Inazuma from Baal. However, they can corrode with time. As a result, the cleansing ceremony is conducted in Konda Village, just as it is in Konda Village.

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Locations of Thunder Sakura-

Only those who are on a mission for locations of Thunder Sakura will receive information regarding thunder sakura sites in Genshin Impact Inazuma islands Genshin Impact thunder sakura.’ The Sakura Arborism quest will send you on a journey to discover Thunder Sakura as part of the process.

There are five Thunder Sakura trees in the park, each one with a unique appearance and strength.

The tykes’ pranks have infected a group of Treasure Hoarders. You won’t be able to discover them until you get close to the task giver’s location. The five Thunder Sakura are revealed in Genshin Impact.

The trees of the Sky Sakura variety may be found in five distinct regions. If you want to remove these trees so they don’t get in your way anymore, start the quest by visiting the map above and locating Miyuki, the task giver. She’ll offer you a job to stop juvenile behaviors on Thunder Sakura, and you’ll have to solve it on your own.

If you want to do it on your own, go ahead and do so. Genshin Impact thunder sakura’s new features are all summarized here.

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