Who Is ‘Stranger Things’ Star Gaten Matarazzo Girlfriend

Gaten Matarazzo ‘Stranger Things’ Star Cast Girlfriend & Relationship Details

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Fans watched Dustin Henderson, played by Gaten Matarazzo, fall in love with his long-distance girlfriend, Suzie Bingham, in Season 3 of Stranger Things (Gabriella Pizzolo). In the real world, Matarazzo began a relationship of his own. He has been dating Elizabeth Yu for a few months, and she recently went out with him to the premiere of Stranger Things 4 in New York. Who is Elizabeth Yu, though? Here is what we know about her and how they know each other.

Who is Elizabeth Yu, the girlfriend of Gaten Matarazzo?

Gaten has been dating Elizabeth Yu for a long time, and the two of them even went to the premiere of Stranger Things season 4 together. Now, a lot of people want to know more about Elizabeth and how she met him.

Elizabeth is also an actress, just like Gaten, but most of her biggest roles are still to come.

She will be in Somewhere in Queens, a film by Ray Romano that will be shown for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival in June. In the movie, Romano plays a father who gets involved in his son’s life to make sure he keeps playing basketball well enough to get a scholarship to college. Elizabeth has a small part in the movie, but it’s not the only thing she has coming up. Click Here For More Dating & Relationship Updates.

In 2018, Gaten and Elizabeth started uploading images of themselves together.

Elizabeth and Gaten have been dating for a time despite the fact that Elizabeth is only an adolescent and Gaten is only 19 years old. Every year on March 4, Gaten blogs about their anniversary. In his most recent post, he noted that they had been together for four years.

I cherish you. I appreciate you being my closest pal. In the message, Gaten wished the couple a happy anniversary and included a picture of the couple walking along a street lined with lights.

Despite the fact that Elizabeth uses social media less regularly than Gaten, he routinely visits her profile. Gaten disclosed that he and Elizabeth share an apartment with three cats in New Jersey during a recent interview with Esquire.

How long have Elizabeth Yu and Gaten Matarazzo been dating?

In 2018, Matarazzo and Yu started sharing pictures of one another on social media. Every year on March 4, the Stranger Things actor posts an anniversary message. This year, he posted on Instagram a day later, but he still found time to express his love for his sweetheart.

“4 years? He said in the caption of a picture of Yu in a street lined with string lights, “That’s great. I cherish you. I appreciate you being my closest pal. Goob, happy anniversary.

Despite Yu’s decreased Instagram activity, Matarazzo continues to routinely appear on her profile. She shared a picture of herself and Matarazzo during her high school prom in May 2021, both looking absolutely stunning.

In a current interview with Esquire, Matarazzo disclosed that he and Yu, together with three cats, share an apartment in New Jersey. The presenter of Prank Encounters admitted that, for a 19-year-old, his lifestyle is slightly fast, but he said it “doesn’t seem abnormal” at all.

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