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Hi, Techno Mantu here with an article on some of the best free apps to gain you more Instagram followers. I’ll be covering 5 popular applications for both iOS and Android devices. If you have any questions about these applications or would like to recommend some other application that works well feel free to leave a comment down below!

Techno Mantu: Top Free Instagram Follower Android & iOS App Are Listed Below:

Warmth – An Techno Mantu Alternative

Warmth is a new app available on Android that has been growing rapidly over the last 20 days. This one only requires your Instagram username up front, which makes it incredibly easy to use. After entering your information, Warmth will give you 50 coins as a reward for signing up. You can then use these coins on the Warmth store which features various services including follows/unfollows, likes on photos, likes on videos, ads to followers, and custom comments.

I tried the app myself and it worked great! My Instagram post received over 500 likes within minutes of launching my new account. Not only that but my photo also displayed a significant increase in engagement after using Warmth. Once again I had to stress this would be done manually by an actual person not automated software so your results may vary depending on how many people work on your account at any given time. If you feel like giving this one a try you can download Warmth here .

4 Snaps –

With 4 Snaps you have unlimited access to their cloud-based “promotion suite” which includes 3 different services for following/unfollowing other users as well as “boosting” certain posts. Their most expensive service that isn’t automated is their post boosting which only costs $0.30 per play, for a total of around $2 to boost a single Instagram post with 10,000 plays worldwide.

The app also includes a feature called the “Viral Inbox” which allows you to view various hashtags from across Instagram and gain followers from them. I didn’t have very good luck with this feature personally so I can’t recommend it but others might find better success with it than me! For more information on 4 Snaps you can visit my review here .

Followers Pro –

Followers Pro was probably the first ever application I used in order to grow my following on Instagram without providing my password. This app will not require you to give out your password but it will only give you access to a portion of its features. The most beneficial one I found is their “Auto Follow” feature which is very similar to Warmth’s auto follow/unfollow feature (which means it might be the same company/service being used).

Followers Pro has a few other great features as well including an Instagram analytics tracker and a chat box for communication with the people that run the service. If you’re looking for a good free application then definitely check this one out! You can download Followers Pro on iOS here and on Android here .

Like Army –

Like Army is another automated application that allows you to mass-like photos from both Instagram hashtags and user profiles. You can either pick a specific hashtag or you can have their software find them for you by letting the app analyze your profile activity. The reason I recommend following hashtags is because Instagram has been cracking down on users that go through other people’s followers to gain attention, so they may block or delete accounts that do this in mass amounts.

The great thing about this application is it includes an analytics platform which shows you exactly how many likes/follows/unfollows you’ve done as well as where all of these engagements are coming from (a map of the entire world!). Another useful feature they offer is auto-commenting, which will allow Like Army to comment on photos with targeted hashtags to help your post reach a larger audience. You can download Like Army on iOS here and on Android here .

Wrap Up –

There are many different applications that have similar features as the ones I just mentioned above, so don’t be afraid to try some out. It’s good to have some variety though so if you try one of them first but want more options then it might be time to pick up another one! Please keep in mind that anything automated is against Instagram’s Terms of Service , so doing “too much” may get your account shut down for violating these rules. But again, if you stick with these suggestions and use common sense (don’t spam) then there should be no reason for this to happen. If anything I would make sure to avoid apps that allow you to follow/unfollow in the same session, I believe this is how they track your activity.

Remember though if you give these applications a try and they don’t provide the results you were looking for I haven’t reviewed every service out there so chances are some others might be better than these! But hopefully, this article helps people save time and find an app that works well for them 🙂 For More interesting Stories follow our website Nova Scotia Today.

Note: We do not provide any APK download link here. Do Find these apps through an online search.


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