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Galaxy Watch 5 & 5 Pro Confirmed Through Samsung Health Beta, New Leaks and other Updates

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has finally started to leak out a little more, giving us a sneak peek at the next Wear OS smartwatch from Samsung before it comes out.

We haven’t seen any images yet, so this is just a guess. But leaks are showing us which smartwatches to expect and which key feature from the last generation could be taken away.

When we tested the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, we found that they were two of the best luxury watch replicas wearables of 2021, but in some ways, they were also the most disappointing.

These devices were supposed to have a whole new operating system that combined the best parts of Tizen and Wear OS. They would also be powered by a fast new chipset and have a lot of new health-tracking features. And they mostly did that, but there were a few problems and caveats.

So, for the inevitable Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (and the possible Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Classic), we want a number of changes. The biggest ones are listed below.

We’ve also looked at when Samsung’s next big wearable is likely to come out, how much it might cost, and other early rumors about it. When more leaks come out, we’ll add them to this article, so this will be the best place to learn about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 before it comes out.

Even though it might seem strange to make hardware guesses based on placeholder images, the Galaxy Watch 4 was the same way last year. About a month before the launch, the Samsung Health app was updated with a beta that showed the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watches 4 Classic. Samsung used the Galaxy Watch Active 2 as a stand-in for the Galaxy Watch 4, while the Galaxy Watch 3 was used for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Both placeholders were similar to the design and style of the watch, which made me think that the Pro model would have a more sporty look, like the Galaxy Watch 4.

Ice Universe and other leaders have also said that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro won’t have a bezel that can be turned. He has also said that the watch’s screen and body might be made of sapphire glass and titanium, which would make it look like a fancier version of the regular Galaxy Watch 5.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Leaks News

One early leak suggests that the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 could be improved.

SamMobile has found regulatory filings for batteries that are likely to be in the upcoming smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 5’s battery seems to be 276mAh, which is more than the Galaxy Watch 4’s 247mAh. The Galaxy Watch 5 Classic’s battery seems to be 397mAh, which is more than the Galaxy Watch 4’s 361mAh.

So those aren’t huge jumps, but they might make a difference. Keep in mind that those seem to be the starting battery sizes. If there are different watch sizes, we’ll probably see some with bigger batteries, too.

More recently, there have been rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with a battery that could be as big as 572mAh. That is sure to have a big effect on how long the battery lasts.

Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro Leak news
Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro Leak news

We’ve heard that the Pro model could replace the Classic model in Samsung’s smartwatch lineup in 2022. But another leak shows that there will be three models of the Galaxy Watch 5, which makes it less likely that the Classic will be discontinued.

Either way, the rotating bezel might not be on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which is a change we wouldn’t like.

On top of that, we’ve seen a Samsung patent for a smartwatch with an expandable screen that can get 40% bigger when you pinch it. In the same patent, a watch with a camera is also shown.

You can see how this might look in the pictures below, but keep in mind that patents aren’t always used, and even if this design ever makes it into a wearable, we doubt it will be ready in time for the Galaxy Watch 5.

Wear OS is likely to run on the Pro, just like it did on the Pro 2. Even though no date has been rumored, the Galaxy Watch 4 came out in August. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Watch 5 family showed up around the same time. If that’s the case, the Pixel Watch might not be your only option in late summer for a fancy Google-powered smartwatch.

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