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French Open: Casper Ruud Slams Holger Rune Over Shout Claim, Saying, “It’s A Big Lie,” As Explosive Row Grows

In a Eurosport Norway interview, Casper Ruud accused Holger Rune of lying, as their French Open war of words heated up during a tense Roland-Garros quarter-final on Wednesday.

After winning a quarter-final match at the French Open, Rune claimed Ruud yelled in his face. The Norwegian, who will face Marin Cilic in the semi-finals on Friday, has refuted this, calling it a fake.
The two men’s parents were also involved in the argument, with Rune’s mother contradicting Ruud’s father’s allegation that the incident never happened. Ruud has now added his two cents to the debate.

Ruud told Eurosport, “No, what he says is wrong.” “What he says isn’t what really happened. We were both in the locker room after the game, and it’s clear that it’s a big room. Since there are many players, we just stayed in our own part of the room. Before we went home, I took an ice bath, ate some pizza, and listened to music. Holger was sitting in his part of the changing room.

“It’s a lie that he says I yelled “YES” right in his face. It didn’t happen. It’s not true. It’s too bad that he makes up lies about me. It doesn’t matter to me if he thinks I’m a player who doesn’t follow the rules of fair play. That’s not what matters to me. That’s his own opinion, but it’s not right for him to spread lies about me in this way. I hope this is the last time he does anything like this.”

Ruud also said that he knew some players were more emotional than others, but he was surprised by what he called lies about him and his family.

“I know some players are more emotional than others, and sometimes I am too. “It’s clear that he plays with a lot of feeling,” Ruud said.

French Open
French Open

“That doesn’t surprise me, but it’s sad that he keeps making up lies about me and my family.”
Ruud’s team had already said that the incident didn’t happen, and Ruud’s father Christian told Eurosport, “It’s just a lie from Holger. There’s nothing more to say about it because it’s a lie.” Our attention is now on the match against Cilic on Friday.”

Rune’s mother, Aneke, replied by telling BT: “When it happened, the father had already left. Only the physical trainer or therapist knew what was going on. Holger did it while he was waiting for a drug test, so his father can’t say anything about it. One thing is that you yell in the face of my son. Also, the father is telling lies to the press.”

Cilic beat Andrey Rublev in five sets, 5-7, 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, and 7-6 (10-2) to reach the Roland-Garros semifinals for the first time.

On Saturday afternoon, Ruud will play the winner of the US Open in 2014. This should be a very exciting match.

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