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Fred Franzia Net Worth: How Much Money Did the Businessman Make Before His Death?

Fred Franzia, who made Two Buck Chuck wine, just died at the age of 79.
The news was shared on social media by Branco Wine Company. It said that Franzia died at his home on Tuesday morning, but the cause of his death is still unknown. You can find the net worth of the late businessman from this article.

Fred Franzia
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Fred Franzia Net Worth

Sources say that Franzia’s net worth was estimated to be more than $25 million, but  the exact amount remains unknown. He worked in the wine business and made a lot of money. Fred Franzia is the CEO and co-founder of one of the largest wine companies in the United States. He is the person who makes Charles Shaw, also called “Two Buck Chuck,” the cheap wines that are only sold at Trader Joe’s. In fact, Two Buck Chuck is the wine that has grown the fastest in the history of the industry. Every year, it sells more than 5 million cases, which is about 60 million bottles, and makes $100 million.

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Fred Franzia
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Fred Franzia Success Story as an Entrepreneur

Franzia was born in California in 1943. Her family was a well-known winery.
Giuseppe Franzia, his grandfather, came to the United States from Genoa, Italy, in 1893. In 1915, he started making wine for sale in the San Joaquin Valley. He grew up with people like his uncle Ernest Gallo, Julio Gallo, Robert and Peter Mondavi, and August Sebastiani, who was among the first people to make wine in California.

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These men are the ones he looks up to. Franzia, his brother Joseph, and his cousin John worked in vineyards and stacked cases of wine during the summers and holidays. After college, Franzia went to work for the family wine business. After all, it was only a matter of time before someone from his generation took over the business.

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But that didn’t happen, because Franzia’s dad and uncles sold the family winery to Coca-Cola in 1973. Franzia used what he had learned from running the family business to start Bronco Wine Co. with his brother Joseph and cousin John on December 27, 1973. The brothers went to school at Santa Clara University in Northern California. The name “Bronco” comes from “Brothers and Cousin,” which is also the name of the three people who started the company.

Fred Franzia
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Final Words

The Bronco Wine Co. owns more than 50,000 acres of vineyards, most of which are in the Central Valley of California. Franzia and her partners are able to make 61 million gallons of wine every year. All of their labels together sell about 20 million cases, or 240 million bottles, each year.

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