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FFXIV Patch 6.2 Release Date Status, Quests, Trailer Teases, Full Details From Live Letter 72

FFXIV is one of the most popular MMOs on the market right now, and patch 6.2 is coming out soon. FFXIV drops a series of major updates between each major expansion. These updates change the story and add more content like dungeons and raids. Update 6.2 Buried Memory, which is the next major update, will come out later this month. Here are the most important things that will happen when FFXIV patch 6.2 comes out.

When is the FFXIV 6.2 release date?

The latest trailer, which was shown during the live letter on August 12, confirmed that FFXIV 6.2 will come out on August 23, 2022, as was said in the letter. We got lucky there because that’s not quite the last Tuesday of the month.

FFXIV 6.2: New Story, Dungeon, And Trial

With Buried Memory, there will be new main story quests in Final Fantasy XIV. This will make the story about the Void go deeper, and the Warrior of Light and Vrta will go searching for their lost sister. The report of Buried Memory will also include a new trial and the newest dungeon, The Fell Court of Troia.

FFXIV PATCH 6.2: Island Sanctuaries

Island Sanctuaries is another new thing that will come with Buried Memory. These will be like player housing in that each player will have their own private island that they can change however they want. Since Endwalker came out, players have been waiting for this feature. It will be very popular and a great addition to the game, just like player housing.


The old main scenario quests will get some love in the form of updates, and several dungeons will get Duty Support, which is an AI that helps you out. Snowcloak, Keeper of the Lake, Sohm AI, The Aery, and The Vault will all get Duty Support, letting players move through without needing to be with other players. The trial Steps of Faith will be changed into a scenario for a single player.

Final Fantasy XIV’s non-linear, scalable variant and criterion dungeons, which can be done by one to four players, also got their own deep dive. Yoshida shows off the dungeons ‘The Sil’dihn Subterrane’ and ‘Another Sil’dihn Subterrane,’ which were already announced. Yes, in FFXIV patch 6.25, players will have to work together to take on ‘ASS (savage)’.

Joining fan favorite Nanaimo on a trip through the Subterrane, Yoshida shows how players can choose between different ways to move forward. He shows a checklist that suggests up to 12 possible outcomes can be reached over the course of multiple dungeon runs. Depending on the path they take, players will face different bosses and get different pieces of the story, which they can then put together to find out what’s really going on. When playing with a group, each turn, players can vote on which path to take, and NPCs may even suggest routes.

In these variant dungeons, players can choose from five variant actions: Variant Cure, Variant Ultimatum, Variant Raise, Variant Spirit Dart, and Variant Rampart. These are meant to make sure that players can use actions from all three combat roles, even if they are in a small party or a group that doesn’t follow the traditional party role structure.

The criterion dungeon, which is a harder version of the variant, has monsters that are “a lot stronger” than their variant counterparts. Yoshida says that the bosses in the regular criterion dungeon “feel like wild enemies on levels 1.5, 3, and 4.” For the criterion dungeon’s savage mode, you need a group of four people already put together, and ground attack indicators for enemies, including general mobs, are taken away. Yoshida says that this level of difficulty is “definitely aimed at players who are going to clear the next savage raid tier early so they can challenge it with their good gear.” He assures players, though, that it is “really, really fun.”

The new Island Sanctuary feature, which looks like it could be FFXIV’s take on Animal Crossing, gets a lot of attention in the middle of the live letter. Because the segment is so in-depth, we’ve given it its own explainer article. Click that link to find out all the juicy details.

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