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Expectations Fulfilled: New Gossip Girl Season 2 Thrives With A New Storyline To Hype

Gossip Girl Season 1 was one of the most highly anticipated television revivals in recent years. Unfortunately, it could have lived up to the expectations of many fans. The show was an overall disappointment, and many viewers felt it needed to provide the same suspenseful and entertaining elements as its first season. This review will discuss Gossip Girl Season 2 and how it differs from the original series.

“Gossip Girl Season 1: A Failed Experiment”

gossip girl season 2 review

The first season of the Gossip Girl continuation introduced new characters, a more varied ensemble, and more mature plotlines in HBO Max. However, this adaptation did not do well with critics. Vanity Fair criticized the first season of the long-awaited series, remarking that despite the highly-produced episodes, it lacked “fun.”

Similar to how a more socially conscious version of The L Word won political points at the price of good fun, the new Gossip Girl is too concerned with rehabilitating its cruel teenagers instead of simply letting them run amok in Manhattan.

While Geeks of Color praise the cinematography, the stories are “clumsy” altogether. On the review website Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score for the first season is 62%, while the Tomatometer score is 38%. Some reviewers were more lenient than others, with one stating, “The show is far more entertaining when it embraces its silliness and abandons the superficial hand-wringing.”

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“A Closer Look at Gossip Girl’s Second Season”

Given the uneven reviews for the first season, it is understandable that fans were apprehensive about the second. However, some Reddit users enjoy the premiere episodes, which debuted on HBO Max in early December.

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“Watch it. Season two so far has been a huge step up from season one. In my opinion, it’s a lot more fun,” one fan said in response to the original poster questioning whether the second season is worth watching.

Many additional fans concurred that the second season is a significant “improvement” while noting that some of the critical actors deliver ” cringeworthy performances.” One Reddit user stated, “I thought season one was so slow, but I am loving season two!” 

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“Gossip Girl Season 2: Flop or Hit?”


Fans are not the only ones who believe that Gossip Girl’s second season is superior to the first. Several assessments acknowledge that the quality of the most recent batch of episodes has dramatically increased.

The second season “revels in the chaotic brilliance of its namesake” by focusing on the antics of the young people, according to Paste Magazine, while according to The Wrap, “The combination of fun and chaos is what this season truly puts its toes into, and the water seems to be more than fine.” As in the initial season, though, only some people are on the same page.

The Daily Beast criticized the second season of Gossip Girl, arguing that the series still hasn’t found its footing and is plagued by “complicated dialogue,” issues that place the show firmly in its “flop phase.” The first three episodes of Season 2 of Gossip Girl are now available to stream on HBO Max, leaving fans to judge for themselves.

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