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Eugenia Cooney Net Worth 2023: Know About Her Early Life, Career & More

A renowned YouTuber, vlogger, and social media celebrity, Eugenia Cooney was born Eugenia Sullivan Cooney on July 27, 1994. All sorts of online media have given her massive popularity. As a result of her eating issue, her body is eerily lithe and frail, and she has to check herself into the hospital on a regular basis.

She still manages to look stunning, and she has a legion of devoted followers on all major social media platforms. She has over 775,000 Instagram followers and 2.25 million YouTube subscribers. Her make-up tutorials, vlogs, and challenges are the most popular on her channel.

Eugenia Cooney Net Worth 2023

One of the most popular YouTubers today, Eugenia Cooney, has amassed a fortune of $500,000. After gaining millions of views and subscribers, she became widely recognized and celebrated. The vlogs, makeup tutorials, and similar content that Eugenia Cооnеу posts to her channel are the source of her wealth and success. In addition to her success as a Youtuber with thousands of subscribers, she also presents herself as a witch broadcaster.

Eugenia Cooney Early Life

YouTuber and Twitch host Eugenia Cooney is a resident of the Golden State. Her given name, Eugenia Sullivan Cooney, was the one given to her at birth. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her dad’s name is Kevin Michael Cooney, but nobody knows who her mom is. Their sibling’s name is Chip, and she does too.

She attended a Massachusetts elementary school for her education. She was bullied so severely throughout her school years that she eventually spent her final three years of high school at home instead. She moved to New York after finishing elementary school and worked as a model for a while before deciding to pursue acting instead.

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After being requested to delete her social media accounts, which made her feel overcontrolled, she resolved to devote herself to her online business. She started showing up on various social media platforms, flaunting her dark figure. From an early age on, she benefited from posting videos of herself on YouTube demonstrating her various costume and makeup creations, as well as her daily routines.

Eugenia currently has 405K followers on Twitch in addition to her 2.14M YouTube fans.  Cooney can be found on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook as well. There are 304,400 Twitter users that are interested in speaking with her.

Eugenia Cooney Personal Life and Relationships

At the moment, Eugenia Cooney is not married. She has not told anyone she is dating, and she does not talk about her personal life. Currently based in New York, Eugenia is a young YouTuber who is uninvolved in the public sphere and focused on her career.


Eugenia Cooney Career

Eugenia Cooney’s success as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer has helped her amass a net worth of $500,000 at present. After beginning her career on the YouTube channel in June 2011 in New York, she began making money through the platform. She showcases clothing trends, makeup tutorials, and beauty routines.3

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She uploads a wide variety of videos, but her most popular are shopping and lifestyle vlogs. Her mother is the main subject in the vast majority of them. Due to her health, Eugenia had to temporarily withdraw from social media for five months in 2019.

Some petitions were launched to remove her 2016 YouTube account after she caused a stir with the frank discussion of her major eating condition. She was used as a negative role model for young women.

After making an announcement in February 2019 that she was going to take better care of her health by stepping away from social media, she decided to actually follow through on that promise and refrain from discussing her weight and eating habits.

Then, after a period of rest and rejuvenation, she reemerged with her new image, which has helped her win over a new legion of fans. Cooney has built a substantial following of over 400k viewers on Twitch, which contributes to her income alongside her YouTube fame.

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She has been successful as a broadcaster and streamer due to the enthusiasm of her audience and the popularity of her videos. To help fund the live streams she hosts, she gladly accepts donations.


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