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Emmy Rossum’s Dating History: A Timeline of Her Exes and Relationships!

One theory is that a couple who works well together remains together. Sam Esmail, Emmy Rossum’s husband, and Rossum have been working together since they met during the filming of the 2013 film Comet. Esmail executive produces the Peacock series Angelyne, in which Rossum stars as the title character. But when she was acting out the part of the blonde bombshell, not even Esmail could place her.

Esmail told The Hollywood Reporter that the change from Rossum to her “kind of eerie” character had “times where I did not recognize her because she was lost in this person.” The actress wore artificial breasts and a lot of makeup. The subject of my conversation is my wife.

Unlike Angelyne, whose relationships were plastered all over town, Esmail and Rossum’s are decidedly low-key. Except for the rare Instagram post or interview comment, the couple has managed to keep their relationship private during their nearly five years of marriage to the public.

Rossum told Vogue about her spouse in 2017, “I just thought he was one of the more unique, kind, creative, brilliant people I would ever meet.” Simply said, “someone I always wished I could hang out with.”

The director she met and liked so much turned out to be her future husband, occasional coworker, and father of her daughter Samantha. Read on to learn all about Emmy Rossum‘s husband, Sam Esmail, including the details of his adorable proposal.

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Who is Emmy Rossum married to right now?

Sam Esmail, who directed the film and is married to Rossum, is the head of the production business, Esmail Corp. He is best known for creating, writing, and directing the hit American thriller series Mr. Robot, which stars Rami Malek. Aside from Angelyne, the drama Metropolis, which was just picked up by Apple TV+, will have him in the role of showrunner.

The Shameless star has previously told Extra that despite their busy schedules, she and Esmail remain close even when they are apart. They are “equally committed to our art, as we always have been, and to each other,” she said. To avoid feeling distant from one another, “we text multiple times a day, all day long, send little videos back and forth on set,” says one cast member.

How did Emmy Rossum and her husband meet?

When Rossum and Esmail collaborated on the 2013 film Comet, life resembled art, or at least a romantic comedy. The actress from “Shameless” starred in the film as the main heroine opposite “Justified” actor Justin Long, and “The Night Manager” was written and directed by Esmail.

As fate would have it, the premiere of the film in June 2014 marked the couple’s first joint public appearance together. According to Rossum’s 2017 interview with Vogue, Esmail’s letter with the script is what initially piqued her interest in him.

As Rossum puts it, “the tone of the letter and the way he wrote it seemed immediately familiar,” so we know this is something directors “not uncommonly” do.

As Rossum put it, “it was almost like a combination of a job offer and dating profile information, but it was not an overture by any means other than a job overture.” The letter included “personal details about himself, like, ‘I am 6 feet 4 inches, but I hunch; I am broke and have tonnes of student loans,'” which is pretty much the meet cute equivalent in a romantic comedy.

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The letter’s tone and the writer struck a chord with me immediately.

How long has Emmy Rossum’s spouse been her partner?

The marriage between Rossum and Esmail lasted over five years. Rossum, a New York native, and Esmail, a New Jersey native, tied the knot in New York City’s Central Synagogue on Lexington Avenue in May 2017. Rossum’s wedding dress, designed by Carolina Herrera, was inspired by Guggenheim’s distinctive architecture, and the reception was held there.

Relationships from the past

Rossum is remarrying after a brief first marriage to Justin Siegel, a music producer. They secretly wed in 2008 and kept their marriage under wraps until 2010, when Siegal claimed irreconcilable differences and filed for divorce. Rossum explained their breakup  in 2012, saying, “Everyone makes mistakes in relationships and has peaks and valleys in their personal lives.” “I knew everything was going to be alright when I realized it was not the end of the world, and I would keep on standing.”

Reports of Rossum and Evans kissing in Los Angeles a week after meeting sparked romance suspicions about the two in 2007. A representative at the time informed E! News that the two were merely friends and never addressed any romantic rumors. Rossum has moved on from her marriage to Seigel and is now married to Adam Durtiz, the lead singer of the band Counting Crows.

Rossum was evasive about their relationship at a 2009 event. The artist has been linked to Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and others. “I get why chicks dig him,” she told PEOPLE about the singer. He is very respectful, thoughtful, creative, and bright.

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At a later date, Rossum acknowledged their relationship, saying they met after the band invited her to their tour via Twitter. She explained their initial introduction by saying, “That is how we met—on a dare,” in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE. They double-dog dared me to join them in singing a song I would never sing before, and I did.

I joined the band on tour, and it was a blast. When they broke up in 2010, it was final. Topher Grace, who Rossum is said to have dated between 2005 and 2007, has also been mentioned in connection with the actress. She also started dating her Shameless co-star, Tyler Jacob Moore, in 2012.

Double dating with Lady Gaga and her then-boyfriend Taylor Kinney, who also appeared on the show, was disclosed in the interview she gave to InStyle Hair. She explained that they stayed in and watched Shameless while cooking steaks. Everything went smoothly, and she is the most excellent person I have ever met..

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Does Emmy Rossum have any children?

Samantha Esmail Rossum was born to Emmy Rossum and Rami Esmail in 2021. In an Instagram post she labeled “5.24.21,” the actress finally revealed her pregnancy to the world. Our daughter was born on a bright, beautiful Monday morning at 8:13 a.m.


The following day, she posted a picture of their baby and urged her followers to get shots. She accompanied the adorable photo with the message, “When I was pregnant, I got vaccinated.” “We just found out that our daughter has antibodies, so she is healthy and beautiful and immune to the common cold!”

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