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Did Elvis Presley Weight Gain, A Significant Reason Behind His Death?

Elvis Presley, who is referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll,” had a significant influence on the music industry with his powerful vocals and incredible performances.

In addition to his music, he attracted attention for his appearance, particularly for the way his weight fluctuated over time. This article examines Elvis Presley weight gain in detail, discussing the factors that led to these modifications and the effects they had on his life.

Elvis Presley Weight Gain

Elvis Presley continues to be regarded as one of the most significant and recognizable artists in music history. Elvis Presley, a well-known musician throughout the world, surprised his admirers by gaining a significant amount of weight before passing away.

At the time of his passing, Elvis is thought to have weighed about 350 pounds (159 kg), which is approximately 180 pounds (82 kg) more than he did ten years prior.

Elvis was preoccupied with his weight all the time. Despite being renowned across the nation, he did not take care of his body. When he initially started acting, his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, was quite concerned about his weight. The story of Brendan Fraser weight gain has caught the interest of the general public.

Elvis Presley Weight Gain
Elvis Presley Weight Gain

What Caused Elvis Presley To Put On Weight?

Elvis’s incredibly irregular eating patterns contributed to some of his weight gain. Among the potential reasons for his weight gain were:

  • His unhealthful eating patterns include consuming a lot of fried, sugary, and fatty meals.
  • His overuse of prescription medications, particularly analgesics and sedatives, slowed down his metabolism and resulted in fluid retention.
  • His deteriorating career and 1973 divorce from Priscilla Presley exacerbated his emotional stress and despair.

People considered Elvis to be a foodie. He gave many cuisines high marks during his lifetime, which led to the naming of dishes in his honor at eateries across the globe.

His weight gain was caused because he ate burgers constantly. Elvis’ burger entered popular culture and became a symbol of the influence that his eating habits had on him.

Take a peek at the Twitter post below:

One major cause of Elvis’ gain in weight was the prescription drugs he took. The singer took a lot of “downers,” which are drugs like barbiturates that calm or depress the person. Also, his friend Fike claims that following his divorce from Priscilla Beaulieu, Elvis’s drug addiction got worse. You can also read about Nikocado Avocado weight gain reasons.

Fike also mentioned: “I think the divorce weakened his resolve. When all this brewed up, Elvis got more into downers and started gaining weight. […] he got into sleeping pills in a big way. Elvis loved downers.”

“It was nothing for him to have all this stuff in his system at one time, like a Valium, a Placidyl, a Valmid, some Butabarb, phenobarbital — all of which are downers, sedatives — and some form of codeine. So, he started looking to other things — things past Percodan and liquid Demerol, even.” 

Is Elvis Presley’s Increased Weight The Cause Of His Demise?

Ginger Alden, the singer’s then-fiance, found him on his Graceland estate’s bathroom floor. He was discovered and brought to the hospital promptly; however, tragically, he did not make it and was declared dead at 15:30.

At the age of 42, Elvis Presley was a well-known American singer and actor who passed away in 1977. Numerous health issues, such as weight, had an impact on his performance and appearance.

His weight gain, insomnia, high blood pressure, and addiction to prescription drugs were the obvious indicators of his failing health, which led to a heart attack that proved fatal.

Look at the official tweet below:

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