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Elizabeth Olsen Says She Doesn’t Know If She’s Going To Come Back To The Marvel Universe Or Not

Elizabeth Olsen is not sure if she wants to go back to the Marvel Universe. Olsen was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, where she talked about her future in the MCU. She said she has “no idea” if she will return to Marvel.

When asked if she was going to do more Marvel movies and TV shows, Olsen said, “I hope so.” “They never tell me what will happen to me.” Olsen said she doesn’t even know for sure if she’ll be back in the Doctor Strange series. She said, “No, I don’t know.” “I need to go back. But I really don’t know what to say.”

Even though her future at Marvel is still uncertain, Olsen said she wouldn’t mind if fans put pressure on Marvel to make sure she has a spot in the MCU.

Olsen joked, “I want fans to be so aggressive that it scares them into doing it or something.” “I mean, I don’t think that’s a good way to do anything. I really change my mind.”

She said, “Nobody needs to use force.” Olsen said she would “love” to do more in the Marvel world, whether fans agree or not.

When ET’s Will Marfuggi talked to Olsen about her future as Wanda Strange, aka the Scarlett Witch, last month, she said the same thing.

“I need to talk to Kevin [Feige] about these questions because I’m not sure what will happen next. I have no idea if he wants me to say “I don’t know” or not. Or if he likes that I’m doing that… I’m not good at lying either. So I’m glad to say, “I don’t know,” because I really don’t know. Or if he wants me to tell him, “No, you’ll be back,” I will. I’m not sure, “Olsen said.

The WandaVision actress says she’s “game for more,” so she’s definitely up for it. “I only do it if the stories need me to,” she said.

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