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Elevator Shoes: Lifting us to New Levels 


When you hear the words “elevator shoes” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it was shoes to wear in an elevator that help with your balance. But that is far from the truth of what they actually are. Elevator shoes are a special kind of shoe that actually help to make you taller, without the heel height of the shoe changing at all. The trick is in the insole. The insoles at the base of elevator shoes have the ability to control your height. The thicker the insole is the taller you become. The best part is that no one would know any different since they are on the inside of the shoe, invisible to onlookers.

Elevator shoes have been around for decades, all the way back to the 10th century. They were originally invited for functionality while riding until heels become of fashion for men in the 16th century. While fashion has changed over the years the benefits of elevator shoes have not and are still fashionable while doing so. So lets talk about why you need a pair of elevator shoes.

Helping Your Spine and Posture

If you have ever been to a chiropractor then you know that most people have one leg that is uneven to the other leg. Sadly this is the case for a lot of people and they never even know it. When your spine is out of alignment that can affect the way that you walk and your posture. So the more out of alignment your body is — the most your body aches in response to that. If you are someone that has an aversion to chiropractors then elevator shoes are for you. With elevators shoes, you can adjust the sole to be higher on your leg that is shorter and in turn be able to align your body correctly without a chiropractor. If you find your hips, legs, or ankles feeling out of sorts then elevator shoes might be able to help bring those back into unity.

Since elevator shoes help with your spine and gate that also means that they affect your posture. Bad posture is something so many people struggle with, so the fact that a pair of shoes can remedy that is remarkable. When your body is in alignment, your posture is better, and when your posture is better it brings in a different level of confidence.

Boosting That Confidence

Now for some people, height is a very distinct feature for them. For those that have not been as blessing vertically, elevator shoes may be exactly what you need to add to that boost of confidence. When your confidence is up you are happier, less likely to criticize yourself, and feel all-around more serendipitous. So if those couple extra inches are what makes your life a brighter place, you need a pair of these shoes, especially considering how comfortable they are.

Now, there has been some dismissal over elevator shoes and how it isn’t being truthful to others about your actual height. But the bottom line is — this is entirely your choice! You do what you feel comfortable with and if an extra four inches of height add to your confidence levels, then go for it. Women wear makeup to be more confident, so there’s nothing wrong with a pair of shoes adding to your confidence.

Elevating Your Fashion 

When you feel confident you are wanting to strut that sidewalk in a new way. You don’t care if people look at you but you like when they do. So, the best part about guidomaggi elevator shoes is that they are fashionable. Elevator shoes come in so many different styles; anything from loafers to boots. There are plenty of options for so many different kinds of style preferences.

Are The Shoes Only One Height?

This depends on the kind of shoes that you choose. Some brands only allow one height for their shoes but others have adjustable height choices. This is entirely up to personal preference and there are plenty of options to choose from when finding the shoe that is best for you!

Are They Comfortable?

In short, yes! Elevator shoes are incredibly comfortable as well as cost-efficient. Depending on the brand of shoes you get, most of the time the only thing you will have to change out is the insole for your shoe. While most people are having to buy a whole new shoe to recover the arches wearing out of their shoes, with elevator shoes you only need to buy new insoles. So if they ever start to become uncomfortable, new insoles are your way to go. With shoes this comfortable you won’t want to wear any other kind of shoe.

In conclusion, elevator shoes have so many benefits to them. They help with your posture, spine, and gate which will increase your movement and encourage an active lifestyle. They boost your confidence so you have a clear mind and are able to take on more things while you walk around in self-assurance. With a happier disposition and boldness, you can take on your world with a different outlook. All of this while looking fabulous and still being able to dress in your own unique style, while being comfortable. This is your sign to grab a pair of elevator shoes today!

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