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How Does the Teen Wolf Movie Explain Dylan O’Brien’s Absence?

If you’ve seen the original series, you might be confused about why Stiles isn’t in Teen Wolf: The Movie or why Dylan O’Brien isn’t back as Scott McCall’s witty and loving best friend. O’Brien was not among the returning cast members. Why, then, doesn’t Teen Wolf: The Movie feature Stiles? Find out why Dylan O’Brien didn’t reprise his role as Stiles in Teen Wolf: The Movie below.

About Teen Wolf

After six seasons on MTV, Teen Wolf ended in 2017. Scott McCall, a teenage kid from Beacon Hills, California, who gets turned into a werewolf and begins to unearth the secret supernatural world lurking in his little town, was the protagonist of the series, which was based on the 1985 movie of the same name starring Michael J. Fox. O’Brien portrayed Scott’s boyhood best friend, the mystery-solving genius Stiles Stilinski. In September 2021, Paramount Plus stated that creator Jeff Davis and original cast members Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Shelley Hennig, Crystal Reed, Ryan Kelley, and Dylan Sprayberry were working on a Teen Wolf revival film named Teen Wolf: The Movie.

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Teen Wolf

Does Stiles be killed off in Teen Wolf?

Sources report that O’Brein would not return to the sets of Teen Wolf as Stiles. In light of the mysterious happenings in Beacon Hills, Derek Hale suggests to Sheriff Stilinski that he “contact his son.” This is the only brief reference to Stiles in the whole film. A reply from Stilinski: “Right now, Stiles has his own fires to put out.” To our knowledge, that’s the only clue we get in Teen Wolf: The Movie about Stiles’ whereabouts or activities. The Teen Wolf movie seems incomplete without Stiles.

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Actor Dylan O’Brien confirmed to Variety that he would not be in the upcoming Teen Wolf film since the project was put together so rapidly that he could not make it work. “It was something I was trying to do work, but it all happened fast,” he explained. We were caught off guard, and it was kind of thrown at us, but that’s okay since we all enjoyed the performance. The two of us were racking our brains for an answer.

How the Movie Explains Dylan O’Brien’s Absence?

Given that he is the son of Stilinski (Linden Ashby), Scott’s (Tyler Posey) best friend, and Lydia’s (Holland Roden) boyfriend, it is clear that he has a significant role in the lives of all three.  Although it is never explained why Stiles isn’t there or if they even try to contact him, the fact that Lydia says she and Stiles recently split up vehemently indicates that he isn’t there. 


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