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Does Karama Brown Have a Boyfriend? Everything About His Relationships

Karamo Brown ‘accidentally’ liked a post of photographer Carlos Medel‘s on Instagram, and that is how he and his new boyfriend met. After breaking up with fiance Ian Jordan in the summer of 2020, “Queer Eye” star Antoni Porowski has found love with photographer Carlos Medel. Porowski, now 29, stated that he and Medel met after Porowski accidentally clicked on one of the artist’s photos.

Let me tell you something,” he said, explaining. I was perusing Instagram’s beauty-related hashtags on the day I uninstalled Tinder. Even though I am bald and he is a beauty photographer, I find that watching content related to hair and makeup helps me unwind. That is why he photographs the cosmetics for Kylie Cosmetics and other major brands, like MAC and Smashbox.

I noticed his work and thought, “Wow, those are stunning,” I snapped a snapshot unintentionally. To which I replied, “He saw it and said, thank you for liking my work, and that’s how we met.” and that was how we first connected. After his breakup with Ian, the 41-year-old actor became a regular Tinder user.

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He came clean, saying, “I was swiping on Tinder. While in Austin, I went on a date every day. I can honestly say that in a short amount of time, I went on at least forty dates with forty different men. The specialist on culture discussed his recent breakup with Ian, saying that the couple’s treatment helped him realize that he and Ian were not “aligned.”

On Catt Sadler‘s online talk program, “A Drink With Live!,” he told her, “The break-up with my ex, luckily he and I are still friends. For nine years, we were inseparable. In the midst of wedding preparations, we became engaged. For these and other reasons, I would explain to people why our engagement dragged on for two years.

Because there were a lot of things I was simply like before I walked down this aisle, we had to work out, and he did not want me to tell him that we were going through therapy. How are we going to know if we are set for the next 40 years?

Are we congruent in how we plan to bring up our kids and, maybe, grandchildren? To what extent can we better coordinate our financial goals? In therapy, though, I realized that our values were not compatible.

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Therapy helped Karamo figure out what he wants and deserves in a partner, even though his relationship with Ian did not work out. He reasoned, “Since I would already do the work on myself. Let me get out there and meet some new people, I thought.

Is there a Karamo Brown Spouse?

The TV personality has been engaged before, but he is not married at the present time. However, Brown appears to be blissfully seeing someone new, judging by the photos on his Instagram profile.

Brown’s new partner is pictured with his arm over Brown’s shoulders in an early July photo that was posted on his Instagram account. “Me & Carlos.” the celebrity penned. Tan France, his co-star on Queer Eye, commented, “IG official.” on the photo. Additionally, Bobby James Berk wrote, “Oooohhhhhh! Right where I expected him to be. To the two of you, my love!”

Who is Carlos Medel, Brown’s Boyfriend?

As his LinkedIn profile states, Medel is the art director and photographer for Chile Bravo. He is working on a number of ad campaigns and boasts a wide range of extraordinary abilities, such as photo and video editing and production. Medel may be active on Instagram, but he has his profile set to private, suggesting he wants to keep his personal life (and his relationship with Brown) under wraps.


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Where did Brown and Medel cross paths?

We know that Brown made their relationship Instagram official on July 6. However, their actual first meeting date and method remain unknown. However, it should be noted that just a few months after breaking up with Ian Jordan, the Queer Eye star said he had met someone new during the epidemic.

Remember how he said he was 100% down to be the next Bachelor in October? Well, it turns out that was all in good fun because he later said he was already “smitten” with someone. In the November episode of Entertainment Tonight, he said, “Because I am not one to rush into things, I keep using that phrase. But I am head over heels in love.” This could have been a reference to Medel, but he did not say so explicitly.

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