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Dieselpunk FPS Marauders Early Access Release Date Arrives Next Week

The brutal co-op first-person shooter Marauders, which features space pirates wearing gas masks from World War I, will enter Early Access on Steam the next week, with a release date of October 3. You’ll be acting as groups of raiders bursting into well-guarded space stations, taking everything you can, and blasting everyone who stands in your way — in other words, your typical weekend activities.

Marauders is a crazy mash-up of inspirations. It takes place in an alternate history 1990s where the Great War never ended but space travel advanced well beyond where we are in our dull old era. But the Marauder’s universe’s Earth is in danger of annihilation, just like ours.

Marauders early access

The game will soon be made available in early access by Small Impact and Team17, whetting our appetites for the Marauder’s release date. On Steam, the first closed alpha was held on May 4.

From July 20 to 25, the first closed beta is expected to take place. This beta and another one that will happen in the summer will both be available to everyone who pre-orders the game.

Marauders platform

Marauders is currently scheduled for release on PC through Steam and PC Game Pass.

Although the game has not been officially confirmed for consoles, Small Impact’s Cameron Small stated in an interview with The Loadout that if the developer opted to port the game, it would only be available on current-gen consoles (Xbox Series and PlayStation 5).

Marauders setting

A dieselpunk video game called Marauders is set in an alternate history. The specifics are a tad lacking, but we do know that Marauders takes place in the early 1990s and features three factions engaged in intergalactic combat. Your armory is filled with weapons you are familiar with because it appears like the Great War never finished in this world.

Marauders Maps

You’re not the only one who has trouble navigating the Marauder’s map. Since the environment is dynamically generated for each game, there are sadly no preset maps for the space component of the game. The Mine, the Space Port, and the Damaged Capital Ship, on the other hand, are fixed places and can be learned, albeit you’ll need to rely on external community-made maps for this.

Marauders factions

Marauders feature three rival factions, and you can cooperate with any of them at once. You can buy, sell, and undertake missions from the traders that belong to each party.

Marauders guns

By accepting and completing in-game objectives, you can raise your standing with each group. This will result in a slight drop in item prices.
There are now about 50 weapons accessible in the game. While the majority of these are remnants of the First and Second World Wars, some of them deviate slightly from actual weaponry.

Marauders ships

At the moment, there are six ships in Marauders, these are:

Marauders ships: How to use, steal, and craft

  • Rustbucket
  • Scout Frigate
  • Interceptor Frigate
  • Heavy Frigate
  • Vulture Frigate
  • Capital Frigate

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Marauders News

With Marauders being formally introduced, more Marauders news is to come in the upcoming weeks and months.

We do have some knowledge of the game, including the fact that the AI players are modeled on the classic Fear games. These characters will respond to your activities, and if you confront them head-on, they will flee in fear.

We also know that a wide range of movies, TV shows, and video games served as inspiration for Marauders. Along with games like DayZ, Vigor, and others, Cameron Small claims that Star Wars, Jin-Roh, and Star Citizen all served as influences for the game.

Oh, and the developers are optimistic about Marauders. There is a definite appetite, according to Small Impact, and the band is at the “precipice of a new genre.”

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