Did Liza And Enrique Break Up

Liza Soberano Claims They Didn’t Break Up With Enrique Gil: ‘We’re Totally Fine’


Real-life sweethearts from the movies Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil have been famous for a long time, which almost makes them immune to scandals. But that doesn’t mean that they are already safe from many nosy people.

As an example: Shortly after Liza signed with James Reid’s music label Careless, there were rumors that she and her boyfriend were breaking up. The actress seemed to be giving up their years-long showbiz partnership.

“Quen supports what I do a lot. “He knows everything I do,” she says in an interview, putting an end to rumors of a breakup. She is currently taking lessons to improve her skills, which is why she went to Los Angeles.

“In fact, when I was in L.A., we were video calling each other every day. I just don’t want to give in to what people want because they want me to screen record our video calls and everything else. “If we’re comfortable and sure of each other, we don’t have to prove anything to anyone else,” she said.

ICYMI, Quen is currently in Spain with his family. Liza couldn’t go with them because she had to be somewhere else at the same time. Liza says she knows that some people are making a big deal out of it. “I was told… People think that Quen and I broke up because we didn’t go on the trip together.

“Just to make things clear, no, we didn’t break up. We’re doing great. It just so happened that all the things I had to do in the United States were happening at the same time as his tita’s wedding in Spain “Liza told us.

Both of them just have different things that are more important to them. “I was supposed to be in that wedding, but I don’t want to miss all these chances because they only come around once and I’m getting older.”

She says that Quen “supports” her new job move and lets her do things her own way. “If I really want to make it in Hollywood, I’m all about taking my time and doing things right, so I don’t want to rush into auditions or projects just to do something.

“I really want to get better at what I do, take lessons, feel more at ease, and become a little more self-reliant. “Yes, we are doing just that.”

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