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Did BTS Break Up: BTS Isn’t Really Breaking Up, And Here’s What We Know About That

BTS has had a very steady, unstoppable, and successful run for the past nine years, but now things are changing. This week, the seven-member boy band said they would be taking a break. A statement came out a few hours after the news hit the Internet, and it seems that “hiatus” may not be the best word for what the global superstars have in store.

Fans of BTS are trying to figure out what’s going on with the group now that there are rumors of solo projects, time off, and readjusting. Let’s break this all down right here.

BTS told their fans about a “hiatus” at their annual FESTA dinner on Tuesday, a day after the ninth anniversary of their first show. Suga started the conversation by telling everyone what the group’s new plans were. He did this in Korean.

“Now we’re taking a break,” he said. “We need to talk about where we’re going.”

The leader of the group, RM, also said that he doesn’t know what story they are trying to tell with their music right now.

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“We did “Dynamite,” “Butter,” “Permission to Dance,” and “Life Goes On,” and I realized that the group has changed. We need to realize that we have changed.” RM said. “I felt like I understood BTS until “On” and “Dynamite,” but after “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” I had no idea what kind of group we were.

The group is taking a break after being a big deal for ten years. Members can not only find their way again but also rest and learn about new goals.

In an interview for Reverse magazine, J-Hope talked about how hard things have been for the band, especially around the time of their Grammy performance.

“From a psychological point of view, it was a lot of pressure because we were now at the Grammys and doing a performance that was similar to one we did soon after we started, “he said. “To be honest, the other members were about to lose their minds at that point.”

During the FESTA dinner, the members talked about their upcoming break with tears in their eyes. RM even said that this was the last time the group would get together like this in front of cameras for a while. But the BTS boys and their company, HYBE, reassured fans that this break does not mean the band is breaking up. Instead, the members will have time to work on their solo careers and figure out what they want to say to their fans all over again.


“I think we should spend some time apart to learn how to be one again,” J-Hope said. “I hope you don’t see this as a bad thing and see it as a healthy plan.” I think BTS will get better if they do that.”

Jimin added, “No matter what, we can’t help but think about our fans. We want to be the kind of artists that our fans remember. I think we’re all starting to think about what kind of artists we want to be remembered as.”

“Each of us is going to take some time to have fun and try out a lot of different things. Jungkook promised, “When we come back, we’ll be even more grown-up than we are now.”

When fans found out about the break, it made them sad. Even though solo albums are coming out and the group has told fans that they are not breaking up, it was hard to understand why BTS was no longer a group. What Suga was saying in Korean was translated into the word “hiatus,” which was especially hard for fans to take (I don’t blame them, I still get chills when I think about One Direction’s “hiatus”). Later, though, HYBE told fans through The Associated Press that BTS will still be around.

“BTS is not taking a hiatus, “Members will be working more on solo projects right now,” they said.

During their FESTA dinner, members of the group talked about their solo journeys and said that J-Hope is going to start the members’ solo rollouts. This is about his upcoming, historic performance as the main act at Lollapalooza, and the company has said that the 28-year-old star will mark “the beginning” with his upcoming solo album.”

With all of that in mind, it’s good to know that the band won’t be breaking up and that the members will be taking a well-deserved break. But now we may also start getting seven times as much content as usual. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a big win.

Watch below as the members talk about their break, their upcoming solo careers, and the past 9 years.

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