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Desperate Paris Hilton hires pet psychic to find missing dog

Paris Hilton is looking for her animal friend. The DJ posted a heartfelt plea on Instagram on Monday that she is looking for Diamond Baby, her four-legged friend who went missing last week.

Hilton wrote in the caption of an Instagram post, “This is so hard for me to post because I do not know what to say.” “I was at a photo shoot while we were moving, and one of the movers must have left a door open.

My family and friends have helped me look everywhere in my neighborhood and have even gone door to door, but we have not found her yet. The host of the “This Is Paris” podcast said she is doing “everything in her power” to find Diamond Baby.

She is hiring a “pet detective, a dog whisperer, and a pet psychic,” and she is even looking into “dog-finding drones” that could help her find the dog. She told her fans that she had been crying and was “so sad and depressed” without her beloved pet.

“Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet will know what I am going through,” Hilton wrote. “My heart is broken, and I have been so sad and down that, I have been crying. I feel like I am missing a part of myself, and nothing is the same without her.

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Diamond Baby is everything to me, and I love her like a daughter. We never left each other’s side. She was my best friend and was always with me.” She also said that she did not want to tell anyone about the dog’s disappearance at first because “people can be mean, and I worry about her safety.”

“But I am desperate, and the longer it takes, the less likely I think it is that I will be able to get her back,” she said. Hilton gave them an email address where people could tell her if they knew where her pet was. She also said that she would give a reward, “NO QUESTIONS ASKED,” for the safe return of the dog.

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Hilton is known for her love of animals, and she has a group of furry friends that she calls “Hilton Pets.” In 2009, she reportedly showed how much she loved a man’s best friend by spending a whopping $325,000 on a luxurious dog house with a balcony, air conditioning, and a chandelier.


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