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Deon Cole Has A Funny Idea For The Title Of Charlie’s Spinoff

The enduring Black-ish series is still going strong! Although the original program ended earlier this year after eight seasons, it did so with the debut of the spinoff Grown-ish, the short-lived prequel series Mixed-ish, and even an Old-ish spinoff briefly in development.

One character outside the family who also appears on several different episodes is Deon Cole’s eccentric and well-liked Charlie Telphy. The core Johnson family is scattered over several shows, linking the world. Many fans eagerly await Charlie’s spinoff, and in addition to providing an update, he also suggested some amusing possible titles.

Cole and I recently spoke about his newest Netflix stand-up special, Charleen’s Boy. He remarked this when the concept of a Charlie spinoff was brought up: Perfect! These are good possibilities, as anyone watching the show will attest.

In Grown-ish, Charlie teaches at a university, while in Black-ish, he is a prominent advertising executive at Stevens & Lido. Despite all of this, he has a childlike demeanor and inconsistent levels of competence. Thus the nickname “Work-ish” fits him well. You can tell where Crazy-ish comes from just by looking into his eyes, so even though there isn’t much momentum for a spinoff, we have alternatives if it materializes.

Although the Black-ish ensemble bid the show a tearful farewell, Deon Cole has a busy life outside the ish universe. He is a skilled television writer who has received two Emmy nominations; he also starred in Netflix’s The Harder They Fall (which is said to have a sequel in the works), and this gets us to Charleen’s Boy. The comic told us that the new Netflix special, which is excellent, is a moving homage to his late mother and deviates from his customary stand-up notable titles, which generally play on his name.

Netflix now has Charleen’s Boy available to stream. The streamer is killing it with unique comedy specials; last month, the platform debuted the record-breaking Stadium Fluffy of stand-up legend Gabriel Iglesias. If stand-up isn’t your thing, don’t panic; new Netflix TV episodes and movies will be released throughout the year.

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