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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 7-I Don’t Wanna Die Summary

Deadliest Catch Show Summary

The Alaskan crab fisherman has the world’s deadliest job, where a man dies every week. Deadliest Catch shows the dangerous life of crab fishermen.

This dramatic series will document “The Last Rodeo,” as crab fishermen call it. The first season is the last time race. Later seasons have less action and delve deeper into the characters’ lives. We watch crab-hunting crews laugh and cry.

The series honors seafarers and their families. Phil Harris, Cornelia Marie’s captain, died on February 9, 2010. Every injury and death on this show is real. Notify children and people sensitive to blood and graphic scenes.

Season 8 -16 Episodes  2012 – 2012

In Season 8, with red king crab quotas reduced, ship Captains must weigh profits from a smaller catch against the dangers of a longer voyage to blue king crab fishing grounds. Meanwhile, Captain Elliot scolds the crew for bad attitudes, Captain Keith struggles to find a new greenhorn, and Captain Scott Campbell Jr. has engine trouble on the Seabrooke.

A wager between ships leads to underhanded tactics at sea, and the Time Bandit crew must find the right time to spread Justin Tennison’s ashes.

Season 8 Episode 7- I Don’t Want To Die

Wizard crew calls Coast Guard helicopter to help collapsed greenhorn.  Many viewers were surprised to see a Coast Guard helicopter on the Wizard in May 2012’s Deadliest Catch.

Chris Scambler, who was 28 years old at the time and just starting out as a deckhand, collapsed after having some strange and scary symptoms and calling for help.

Captain Keith Colburn worked hard to keep Chris from dehydrating to a life-threatening level before his coworkers called for help. Chris Scambler had numbness, tingling, and convulsions. Chris is told a litter will take him to Cold Bay.

The rest of the fleet races to haul crab before a hurricane, but the last boat leaves too late. 

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