Dapper Doppelgangers! Here are the Top 10 celebrity lookalikes that will boggle your mind


We all know that they are seven people in the world who look exactly like us and it seems like these A-list celebrities have found them.

Here is a list of 10 celebrities who are so similar that will make say, “wait, who’s who?”

1. Marren Morris and Khloe Kardashian

Grammys Awards are the most awaited awards for all musicians to showcase their talents and make headlines with their rep carpet fashion. But Country singer Marren Morris had fans turned heads when she hit the 2021 Grammys red carpet Because of a shocking resemblance with the youngest Kardashian sister- Khloe!

2. Irina Shayk and Nicole Poturalski

If Models Irina and Nicole Poturalski would stand beside each other you wouldn’t notice who is who, except if you look at their eyes. This resemblance has us sayings Irina Shayk and Nicole Poturalski could be sisters!
And that’s what exactly happened at Milan Women’s Fashion Week in 2020. From their similar pouty lips to their killer cheekbones, they are each other’s doppelganger.

3. Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice

Talking about doppelgangers and not including The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev and Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice? That’s Impossible Fans have always pointed out the similarity between the two stars and Justice is all flattered. “It’s been happening forever!” Justice told The Huffington Post.

4. Harry Styles and Mark Jagger

Since styles’ debut fans have pointed out the similarity between former One direction singer-turned soloist that he looks like 70’s Icon Mark Jagger. And it couldn’t be truer.

5. Logan Marshall green – Tom Hardy

Imagine having a TWIN and people saying you look like English actor Tom Hardy. Well, that’s what happened to Prometheus star Logan Marshall-green. “I’d be honoured to be in the same sentence as Tom Hardy,” he has said. “I’ve been a twin since the day I was born – fraternal, but we look a lot alike – so I’ve already been mixed up with another man my entire life. (BBC UK)

6. Katy Perry and Zoey Deschanel

People always describe Katy as one in a million, well it looks like not anymore! Fans couldn’t help but notice the uncanny similitude between them both. Also, did you know because Katy used to pretend to Zoey? On an Instagram live Katy confessed that she used to pretend to Zoey to get into clubs in her 20’s.

7. Natalie portman and Keira Knightley

Well, it was given. How do you not include these two stars in a list of look-alikes! The ‘Love Actually’ star Knightly looks so similar that played Portman’s double, Sabé, in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.”

8. Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry

Recently, Prince Harry bonded with ‘bad habits’ singer Ed Sheeran about his newborn daughter Lilibet and fans can’t help but notice the similarity between the two. And this is not the first time, fans have raised this question. Back in 2019 when they both came together for Mental health awareness campaign, the comment section of the video was filled with talks of their parallel features.

9. Courtney Cox and Demi Moore

When Moore shard a picture of her and ‘FRIENDS’ star Courtney cox, showing just how much they look so similar!
Demi shared the picture captioned”Who’s who 👯‍♀️.” And we totally can’t tell!

10. Haley Bennett and Jennifer Lawrence

The ‘Girl on the train’ star Haley Bennett has always been told about her resemblance to a young Helen Mirren but her common denominator with Jennifer Lawrence is uncanny!
And we couldn’t believe that they were a different person.

Who Do you think looks the most similar?

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