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Dana Bash Plastic Surgery: Has The CNN Journalist Underwent Any Cosmetic Changes?

Dana Bash is an American journalist and news anchor who was born in New York City. She studied at George Washington University and graduated with a BA. She is currently a co-anchor of State of the Union and host of Inside Politics on CNN.

She has a distinguished journalism career and is well-known for her contributions to political coverage at CNN. Dana Bash’s career path demonstrates her dedication to educating the public on political issues. Read on to learn everything there is to know about Dana Bash plastic surgery from us in this article!

Dana Bash Plastic Surgery

Although Dana Bash has not publicly acknowledged having plastic surgery, there have been whispers and conjectures flying around. Renowned American journalist Dana Bash serves as CNN’s chief political correspondent. Highlights of her career have included covering the US Senate and presenting weekend shows.

Since 2021, Bash has co-hosted CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning show. She has received praise for her work in political journalism. Though there has been talk of plastic surgery, it’s important to remember that decisions about personal matters like these are private, and Bash has not publicly addressed these claims.

Dana Bash Plastic Surgery
Dana Bash Plastic Surgery

Dana Bash Marriage And Divorce

In 1998, Dana was married to Jeremy Bash, the ex-chief of staff of the CIA. Before divorcing in 2007, the pair was wed for nine years. Following her split from Jeremy, Dana wed John King, another CNN contributor. Before marrying Dana, John, who was raised as a Roman Catholic, converted to Judaism. 2008 saw the couple wed in a Cape Cod ceremony.

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Jonah Frank King was Dana and John’s kid born in 2011. John announced to his coworkers via email that their son would be named after the two heroes in their lives—Joan, John’s mother, and Frank, Dana’s grandfather.

Regretfully, the pair parted ways in 2012 and divorced later that year. From a prior marriage that likewise ended in divorce, King has a son and a daughter. Following the couple’s split announcement, there were rumors that John was having an affair with another CNN contributor. Although Dana and John had divorced, the former couple still work together and there is no awkwardness.

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Even before their child became one year old, the couple had moved into different homes, but they were still able to parent their boy well. When asked about the divorce, Dana responded that they would still co-parent their son with the utmost professionalism. Additionally, she asked that the media maintain family privacy during those trying times.

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