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Who is Dan Katz Wife? A Look At His Relationship Status!

Dan Katz is an American writer and podcaster, best known by the nickname “Big Cat”. Dan Katz is most known for his work at Barstool Sports, an entertainment platform and blog covering sports and pop culture.

Each episode of the Pardon My Take podcast, which he co-hosts, receives up to 1.5 million listens. The top sports media talents under 40 were Dan “Big Cat” Katz and his co-host PFT Commenter in 2017.

In 2017, Dan Katz contributed writing to The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston. Among many other TV shows, he has also appeared on SportsCenter, The Ryen Russillo Show, Pro Football Talk Live, and ABC News Nightline.

He co-hosted the Pardon My Take podcast, which was briefly broadcast on ESPN television. Because of Barstool’s contentious image, several female employees at ESPN were hesitant to support the show.

Who is Dan Katz’s Wife?

Dan Katz is speculated to be married to Stephanie Maloney. Katz calls her “Lady Cat,” even though he has never formally acknowledged their union. The nature of the couple’s relationship is still unknown, as Katz values their privacy.

 Dan Katz Wife

Does Dan Katz Have Kids?

Yes, Dan Katz has two children. In June 2019, he became a dad for the first time, and it was a boy. He posted a picture on his Instagram saying, “Life just got very real. ‬ ‪Lil Cat and Mom are happy and healthy. For the first time in my life I didn’t have any wiseass jokes. Cried a little and let out a soft “oh f*ck”‬”


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His second child, a girl, was born on May 21. Additionally, he shared on Instagram about her arrival, writing,

“Slightly early arrival but Mom and Baby Girl are both doing great. Now the hard part of explaining to my son he’s not an only child anymore. And yes, I cried my eyes out again. Just as crazy as the first time.”


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Dan Katz’s Net Worth

Dan Katz’s estimated net worth is $2 million. He wrote for Barstool Sports and was a frequent contributor to PFT Commenter’s podcast “Pardon My Take,” which brought in this money.

Dan Katz Professional Career

In the early 2010s, Dan Katz started working for the sports and pop culture blog and entertainment platform Barstool Sports. He began working for the company as an executive producer and journalist before making appearances on a number of Barstool Sports podcasts.

The Pardon My Take podcast, which Katz started co-hosting with PFT Commenter in 2016, took off and became the number one podcast on several podcast charts, including iTunes. Every episode of Pardon My Take can draw in up to 1.5 million listeners, which increases Katz’s notoriety and financial success.

Katz has worked on multiple TV projects in addition to his work at Barstool Sports. On programs including The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston, The Kyle Brandt Football Experience, and The Ryan Russillo Show, he functioned as executive producer and occasionally as an on-air personality. Due to Barstool’s contentious reputation, Katz also co-hosted a brief, televised run of the Pardon My Take podcast on ESPN, which elicited mixed reactions.

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