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Dahl Family Accident: UTV Crash Claims Life Of New London Teen!!

Following their involvement in a devastating UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) crash, the Dahl brothers’ lives took a fatal turn. William Dahl passed away as a result of this tragic event, leaving his brothers Drew and Harrison hospitalized and in critical condition. We will cover all there is to know about the Dahl family accident in this article!

Dahl Family Accident

Three boys from New London were riding in a UTV when it crashed with a pickup vehicle on Sunday; the other two are still in the hospital. William John Dahl, the 15-year-old driver of the UTV, passed away from his wounds, the Minnesota State Patrol accident report said in an update published Wednesday morning.

Since then, the other two boys have also been identified. The passengers aboard the Polaris Ranger that their brother was driving were 10-year-old Drew Wayne Dahl and 11-year-old Harrison Jeffrey Dahl.

The younger sons are still in the hospital, per the family’s Caring Bridge page. Caring Bridge is a free online diary where families can communicate about health-related events.

Here is an official Twitter post with respect to Dahl Family accident:

In a tweet dated January 9, William Dahl’s mother Lara Dahl stated, “William went to be with Jesus at 5:26 this morning. He was surrounded by so much love. I truly believe he was treated at the gates of heaven with open arms. This kid is one we are so proud of. … He was the best son, best brother, best friend anyone could ever have.”

As per an additional post, the family made the decision to donate Will’s organs. Attending New London-Spicer High School was Will Dahl’s school. “It is very difficult for all of us to face the death of a young person, especially when it’s someone we have cherished memories with,” the school district said in a statement released on Wednesday.

“Asking for help can sometimes be challenging, but it should be viewed as courageous. Any students or staff members who need additional support may continue to contact our school offices. We have social workers and counselors available to help.”

Dahl Family Accident
Dahl Family Accident

According to the statement, the NLS High School Student Council has scheduled Thursday, January 11, as a day to wear blaze orange or camouflage in remembrance of Will and the things he enjoyed doing. In the middle of this, you also read about Jay Leno motorcycle accident.

A CT scan revealed Drew Dahl had two minor liver lacerations and bruising, per the family’s Caring Bridge diary. After his initial physical therapy session, he was eating and sitting up. Lara Dahl writes, “He walked on his own to say his goodbyes to William and check on and hold Harry’s hand.”

She wrote that Harrison is a warrior and that nurses and doctors are still keeping an eye on him. He was placed back under sedation and scheduled an MRI for this Thursday am after a reduction in his sedation medication caused some unwelcome movement and increased swelling.

Lara continued in the Caring Bridge update, stating that she and her spouse, Mike Dahl, have cried over their son’s death and their family will never be the same.

In addition, they requested prayers for Gage, their other son, who has lost a brother and his best friend, his hunting and fishing partner.

She continued, “We live for those four boys. We have made it a point from day one that our family is always number one. We do everything together, and going forward this is going to be hard with our Will missing.”

According to Lara, the family has been placed in temporary accommodation at a Ronald McDonald home as they await Harrison’s recovery.

Ronald McDonald House programs are situated close to prestigious children’s hospitals, according to the charity’s website, enabling parents who are unable to see their ill kid to stay close.

A GoFundMe online fundraiser has been established to assist with the Dahl family’s medical bills. Nearly $124,000 had been raised for the family as of Wednesday night.

Lara Dahl mentioned in a Caring Bridge message that on Sunday, the whole family went out to walk some trails and pick up trail cameras and deer stands.

After they were finished, William, Harrison, and Drew asked to take the UTV home, which she described as “something they had done dozens of times before.” She, Mike, and Gage drove back home in their truck while the three brothers boarded the UTV.

The UTV and pickup truck crashed at the intersection of 95th Street Northwest and Minnesota Highway 9 in Norway Lake Township at 3:49 p.m. on Sunday. Matthew Leroy Anderson, 40, of Sunburg, the pickup truck driver, was unharmed in the collision.

Like the other two younger lads in the UTV, he was buckled up. The State Patrol claims that alcohol had nothing to do with the collision. At the time, reports stated that the roads were slick and covered in snow.

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