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Cyberpunk 2077 leaked gameplay: Debunking The Truth

The game is set in the year 2077, and it’s a first-person shooter RPG. You play as V, who can be either male or female. The game will feature some of the most advanced graphics ever seen in a video game to date.

It’ll also have multiplayer features that are still being kept under wraps by CD Projekt Red. Click this link for more information on Cyberpunk 2077!

Cyberpunk 2077 can’t seem to catch a break, as a seasoned coder on Reddit has revealed details for the game’s planned add-ons and upgrades. Gamers were relieved by what was claimed to be a release of potential Cyberpunk DLC from an Epic Store datamining performed by a user.

The original individual was said to have used an Epic Developer Account to acquire information that no one else can get, yet as the lengthy rebuttal debate shows, this hardly happened.

What Were The leaks about?

The study revealed evidence of two major expansions, EP1 and EP2, in connection with the 17 DLC advertisements.

Language regarding additional activities from the in-game character Mr Hands was discovered following the most recent 1.2 updates, prompting a Reddit user to claim that the first expansion will likely come out in early 2022.

The fresh DLC entries suggest not simply new content, but also a New Game Plus mode, which was missing from the original game.

The game’s new schedule, which was released in July 2021, states that there will be a free Dragon Ball Z expansion pack available in the second half of 2021. Wild Hunt.

According to Reddit user u/Saint-Pirate, data in the game’s files reveal forthcoming free DLCs and expansions. Here are 17 items labeled as DLC, including some that offer you a better sense of what CD Projekt Red (CDPR) has in store for the game.

  • Probable smart weapon packs are added to the game during this event.
  • For picture mode, you may use the vanilla game poses.
  • The probable map rework of the Kabuki region is a Dlc3_kab01 module.
  • nI am a big fan of this on the other hand I don’t know if it’s limited or not.
  • probable additional clothing?
  • It’s possible that you’ll modify your apartment, which is why it will be called “dlc6 Apartments” instead of simply “Apartments”.
  • probable power weapons in the DLC
  • There is a chance that distinctive character customisation will be available in LLD version 5.
  • In order to comply with new legislative requirements on how many maps must be uploaded, the map itself may have been reworked or a brand-new quest added.
  • The Enchiridion Monster is a probable boss encounter or a Witcher-inspired DLC.
  • The Jlook engine’s Jlook IDLC11 is an extremely popular and functional skin for online gaming.
  • probable finisher moves in The Witcher 3’s DLC
  • Probable Tech Weapons – DLC13 TWEAK
  • It contains better details, textures, and quality of life improvements. Some features are still missing because they will be included in the future releases (such as new Follower traits). This is the area where you’ll meet Varka at the end of Chapter 2.
  • The newly launched Frozen Wilds is a DLC pack for Fallout 4, and it’s available to everyone who owns the game.
  • The Japantown area of the game’s Japanese version is likely to be modified.
  • probable blunt weapons?

Several leaks have already occurred in the recent time, with allegedly announced names of the DLCs that were discovered.

  • Ripperdocs Expansion
  • Body Shops Expansion
  • The Relic
  • Neck Deep
  • Night City Expansion
  • Unnamed DLC
  • Fashion Forward Expansion
  • Gangs of Night City
  • Body of Chrome
  • The rides of the dark future

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There are a number of red flags to look for. The internet is a dangerous place where you can get ripped off by unscrupulous individuals, so be cautious. Don’t believe everything you find on the internet; most of it is typically false.

A survey was sent out to the community. Although it doesn’t come close to accounting for all of them, there were a number of things that appeared like the sort of thing you’d ask for as a free bonus, such as more cyberware, vehicles, and clothes.

But things became a lot more difficult when, in a later update, the ‘Relic’ logo was added to the skills page, giving it a boost of credibility.

According to the report, CDPR has another three major titles in development. They could wrap this up if they simply spoke about what’s next, but they haven’t offered any ideas or a release date for the next-generation or free DLC despite the fact that both of those items are anticipated to be released before the end of 2021.

People are unlikely to stop. Since it’s getting late, they may just appear at the same time. Take everything you see with a grain of salt for the time being.

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But What was The Point of Misleading Everything?

It’s a mystery what it was for, but it may have been used to raise money for a charity. As of now, everything he has ever blogged has been deleted.

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