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Company offering $7,000 to help people lose weight!

Winners will receive a $7,000 check from an Ohio fitness centre if they can lose 20 pounds within six months.

Lose Your Lockdown Love Handles is a recruitment campaign launched by ForkMagazine, a company that offers diet boxes and meal prep packages. Participation in a study testing three new and popular diets will be limited to ten participants.

If they are put on a diet, selected candidates will be required to document their weight loss journeys via video diaries, social media posts, and daily blogs. To begin, you’ll need to collect photos, weights, and measurements.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity for residents of the United States and the United Kingdom. Lockdown-related weight gain, also known as the “Quarantine 15,” has been documented in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Sixty-six percent of Americans have put on 16 pounds or more by staying indoors because of the weather. Surveys conducted by King’s College London and Ipso MORI found that 48% of British citizens admitted to gaining weight.

In the United States, candidates may be eligible for a $7,000 bonus if they meet certain weight loss goals. UK applicants will be compensated in a similar manner.

Applicants must have a BMI of 30 or higher, have no known pre-existing conditions, and be at least 22 years old (in the US) or 21 in the UK to qualify.

Applying is as simple as the following:

Visit if you’d like to learn more about the magazine

Navigate to

The steps are listed there.

-> Job well done!

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