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8 Common Errors You Must Avoid When Choosing A Self-Storage Unit

There are many reasons why you might feel the need to invest in a self-storage unit. Investing in self-storage unit’s has become an increasingly popular phenomenon in the USA. It is estimated that 1 in 10 households rent some storage units from the top self-storage companies.

Some of the best self-storage companies in the USA include U-Haul, CubeSmart, Life Storage, Simply Self-Storage, and Public Storage. However, many beginners tend to make mistakes when investing in self-storage. With this article, you can avoid these mistakes to make the best use of our time and money.

Not Getting The Size Right

The most common error when investing in a self-storage unit is choosing the wrong size, resulting in a loss of money and time. You could go wrong with choosing a self-storage that is too big or too small.

If you choose a self-storage that is too big, you may have a lot of unused space that could eventually become breeding grounds for pests, molds, mildew, and more dirt. If you choose a self-storage unit that is too small, you will have to pay an additional fee for extra space.

Therefore, choosing the right size according to what you want to store is crucial. Start with creating an inventory of all your belongings and measure them in cubic feet. According to your measurements, you can invest in the most appropriate self-storage unit and save the hassle of an inconvenience later.

No Knowledge About Climate Control

The advantage of having a climate-controlled self-storage is that it comes with thermostats, ventilation, or air-conditioning. This will maintain a specific level of humidity or temperature within the unit you rent.

These self-storage units may be more expensive than the standard ones. But, they could guarantee better safety and quality for your items in the long run, especially if you have sensitive and valuable items. This is the most viable option for important documents, photographs, antiques, collectibles, cosmetics, and more.

Focusing Solely On The Price

Self-storage units can be pricey sometimes. But focusing solely on price as the detrimental factor on whether you purchase the unit or not can do more harm than good. Choosing a low-priced self-storage unit could mean that you may get a low-quality self-storage unit.

In terms of upkeep, cleanliness, customer service, or environmental control, it could not be on par with what you expect. Therefore, it is better to take the time to view all your options and choose one depending on whether it matches all your requirements. Or, you can even visit a consultant or expert to get better advice.

Ignoring The Essentials

Conducting an examination of the physical environment is essential in addition to being well-versed in all the paperwork and financial terms. In terms of the premises, it should be clean and hygienic.

There should be no signs of mold, mildew, leakage, or residues. This will indicate that the surroundings and unkempt and could pose a threat to your belongings as well.

Other physical safety aspects need to be taken care of, such as ensuring perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, the main gate with computerized access controls, and latches/ locks on each storage unit.

Neglecting Insurance For Your Items

Storing your items in a self-storage unit is not enough to guarantee their security. Most self-storage units these days won’t permit you to store your items without a sold insurance clause behind it.

If you don’t have insurance, you’re risking your items and yourself to a heavy loss. Casualties such as fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, flood, earthquake, could cause harm to your items.

These losses could weigh more on you than going for an insurance claim in the first place. Choosing the right insurance company for your items could save you a lot of stress and money.

Using Newspaper As Wrapping Paper For Your Items

Typically, newspapers should be used only if you are storing your items short term. In the long-term, they could damage your items. If you are storing fragile items in your storage unit, they could break easily with only the newspaper as a protectant.

With weather conditions such as a storm or earthquake, your items could be at risk without adequate protection. Additionally, as the newspaper has ink on it, it can smudge or stick onto your items due to heat or humidity. Therefore, it is better to use bubble wrap to coat your items to avoid such casualties.

No Easy Access In The Storage Unit

Creating an easy walkway is essential to make sure you have enough space in the storage unit to navigate around. The best option is to neatly stack your items on the sides and create a comfortable walkway in the middle.

The walkway doesn’t have to be enormous, but with adequate planning and packing, you can create a comfortable space where you can move around freely.

Not Cleaning Before Storing

To keep your items in top-notch condition, you must take the time and money to clean your items and storage space perfectly before you choose to use it for a long time. Storing your items in an unclean environment will lead to mold growth, pests, infestation, and deterioration of your items.

It could start with infecting a single item and slowly spread to all other things. This will ultimately destroy the purpose of investing in a storage unit in the first place, as it has compromised the condition of your items.


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider before and during your time with a storage unit. It comes with responsibilities and essential elements you should keep in mind.

Of course, if you feel like you need guidance to maintain your storage unit, there are many consultancies and counselors you can talk to gain proper advice on how to utilize your storage adequately.

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