Modern technology gives us many things.

Inspiring others through fitness and positivity, as Cody Rigsby does as a star on Peloton

With the premiere of “LOL Cody,” Rigsby’s fame is expected to skyrocket once more. Cody Rigsby doesn’t seem like the kind to feel insignificant.

The famous Peloton instructor who won over the gym-starved people with his enthusiasm during the darkest days of Covid felt invisible as he grew up in conservative North Carolina.

His primary objective in each and every class is to make the riders feel like they belong, no matter where in the world they happen to be pedaling their hearts out.

“I have always sought for activities that combine meaningful work with a sense of play.
Thank goodness, I have the platform to do both,” Rigsby said to Outsports.

When people aren’t feeling like their best selves, it’s my job to inspire them to keep going.

I get to assist others in the process of coming to terms with their inside and external selves. The answer is “yes,” since it provides me with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

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Nearly nine years ago, Rigsby joined Peloton to supplement his income as a dancer in New York City. He had no idea that his part-time job would launch him to fitness and LGBT glory.

The number of people using Peloton increased from 1.65 million in the first quarter of 2020 to 5.9 million by the end of the following year, June 2021.

According to Rigsby, it wasn’t until he was recognized on Fire Island that he knew he had finally made it.

I’ve never thought of myself as a “famous person,” so I’m still getting used to it, he admitted.

Rigsby is one of the most followed instructors on Peloton’s Instagram, with over 1.3 million followers.

He looks like a movie star and has a movie star body, but he manages to come off as kind and approachable.

Anyone who has taken one of Rigsby’s seminars knows he has a strong distaste for black licorice, but he has a much stronger distaste for Justin Timberlake, whom he routinely reads to trash.

Rigsby is an outspoken supporter of the #FreeBritney campaign.

This month, Rigsby’s new series “LOL Cody” premieres, and in the premiere episode, Rigsby is shown riding shotgun with Trixie Mattel, who is a cultural icon in her own right.

Thankfully, they’ve patched things up after Rigsby told the Drag Race star that he thinks Shangela should’ve won All-Stars Season 3.

To which she responded, “Clearly she disagrees,” he added. For the second instalment of the four-part series, Rigsby was joined by queer pop superstar Carly Rae Jepsen.

Imagine “LOL Cody” as a modern take on old favourites like “Hoda & Kathie Lee” and “The View.”

From a physical fitness standpoint, he described it as “steady cardio, minimal impact.”

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My first thought is of those who do cardio while multitasking with something else, like watching TV or reading. We might as well make the fun part of it, right?”

It’s a brilliant plan and a perfect fit for Rigsby, whose fame is steadily rising.

The fact that Rigsby has overcome so much difficulty in his own life is a significant selling point.

His father passed away from a heroin overdose when he was very young, and he and his mother spent some of their early years living on the streets.

Rigsby, meanwhile, was seeking to identify his sexual orientation.
This was not a simple task.

“Even though I had a super progressive and accepting mom, growing up in a space where I heard the f-word all the time, or when guys were talking about something they didn’t like, they were calling it “gay.”

It’s kind of like all of these micro-aggressions we grow up with, and it pushes us into the closet,” he said.

It makes us feel like ants. Growing up in North Carolina, just made me little all the time, and made me feel like I wasn’t worthy.”

Rigsby uprooted his life and headed for New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer. It was his gay awakening.

The first time he attended a Pride parade in New York City was “very motivating for me,” he said.

I once stumbled onto a rooftop party where you could see the Stonewall parade passing below.

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Something about seeing people enjoy themselves, be themselves, and not be afraid to do so gave me a sense of security and acceptance.

Rigsby finally discovered what made him happy. He undoubtedly no longer feels diminished.

He explained that his motivation came from the knowledge that “I’m showing up for thousands of people and being some sort of light.”


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