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Are Rigsby and Andres Still Together? What Really Happened With The Romantic Couple?

Rigsby and Andres have been a couple for several years, so it is only natural that many people are curious to know if they are still together. Are Rigsby and Andres still in a relationship, or have they gone their separate ways? In this article, we will explore what happened between them and answer the question: Are Rigsby and Andres still together?

Who is Cody Rigsby?

Cody Rigsby, a 34-year-old fitness instructor, is renowned for his hot takes and dance moves on the popular fitness app Peloton. Six years after joining the Peloton team, Rigsby was recently dubbed the “King of Quarantine” after becoming one of the most sought-after stationary bike and strength training instructors during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Rigsby began his career as a professional dancer, working with artists such as Katy Perry and Pitbull and performing burlesque in New York and for Victoria’s Secret. Cheryl Burke, Rigsby’s partner on Dancing with the Stars, was recently diagnosed with a breakthrough case of Covid-19, necessitating a mandatory quarantine.

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Who is Cody Rigsby’s Boyfriend?

Currently, Rigsby is single. Cody Rigsby has been known to be single since his four-year engagement to Andres Alfaro ended. It has been a life of happiness, joy, and adversity. Therefore, recovering and entering a new relationship following an exclusive commitment will take time.

Cody and Andres Alfaro had been together since 2018, and they were engaged. The pair vowed to maintain their relationship’s secrecy for the first two years, and they did so successfully. But after Vogue published a profile of Cody in 2020, the number of pictures of the two of them together on Instagram skyrocketed.

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Who is this Andrés?

Andres Alfaro
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Andres Alfaro is a fitness trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. In addition to this, he also excels in a number of other areas, such as operations management, people management, leadership, quality control, and customer service.  He goes on to remark, “my friends would say I’m domineering and an outspoken queen with a humorous sass.Cody and Andrés have made their romance public, and since then, their Instagram accounts have been flooded with adorable photos of the two of them together. They upload adoring images, but their captions are usually short.

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Did Cody And Andres Break Up? 

Cody and Andre began their relationship in 2018. After being inseparable for so many years, rumors of their separation are circulating on the internet.

Yes. After four years together, Cody Rigbsy and Andres Alfaro have ended their relationship. No longer constitute an item. Everything is possible, and splits occur occasionally. Cody was reportedly the one who decided to end their relationship. Fans are indeed very surprised by the news of their sudden separation. However, many have wondered what went wrong between them. They parted ways a few months ago, precisely in April 2022. The reason is still being kept secret.

Cody and Andre have unfollowed one another on social media, signifying their separation. Additionally, they removed the tag from their previously uploaded images. However, they still need to delete the photos. They have enjoyed multiple trips together and attended numerous events throughout their relationship. Both are passionate about sports.

Although they are no longer a couple, neither has confirmed their status. Moving on from a person requires time. Based on this, we can assume that both are single and are not currently dating.

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